Monday, 7 August 2017

Being a Bit Bookish

I've had a tub of wonderful shells for a few years now and a lot of them I've collected with the specific purpose of making books.  I have actually achieved this on a few occasions but this last couple of weeks I had another rummage as the urge was upon me again! 

The scallop shells were pretty standard but the enormous cockle shells (those are 5cm squares they are sitting on) needed a little thought.   I ended up grading the pages to fit the concave shells better.  Rather pleased with them. 

I will actually take some decent photos soon!! 

There was another scroll book finished too and I have another in the pipeline which still needs a little thought.  

I also put together this little palm sized notebook in leather.

It feels lovely to hold and I can see where I could take different fabrics to make covers with this one.  Perhaps a few to sell at the Art Weeks for the GSP Rescue UK charity.  

One thing I have been working on for a little while is another compendium.  This one came from the fact that I bought this beautiful, chunky frame some time ago and then promptly broke the glass in it.  

I am constantly on the lookout for little bits of 'stuff'.  They usually end up on display in my printers trays but I do have a basket where I collect up things that will need a home at some point or another.  This was the perfect chance to showcase them.  That and I had a clock mechanism to use too and it all came together nicely.  As with my other ones there is still spaces to fill but these things do evolve.  And to clean them you just use a soft paint brush, just in case you were wondering. 

I have several little bits on the go like knitting and crochet and also a bit of a bead-a-long with Fran Griffith for National Beaders Week so no excuses to be bored at the moment! 

I hope the sun eventually decides to show it's face again up here soon though I do feel for those in southern Europe at the moment.  

Happy creating! 


  1. The shell books are fabulous Amanda. I have one of my Dad's old print trays that I keep meaning to clean up and fill with tiny treasures. Having seen your lovely collection I might actually get around to it now!

  2. The shell books are quite wonderful! The Compendium is incredible. I'm always collecting odd bits and you've give me an idea of what to do with them.

  3. The shell books are genius. You are clever and creative.x

  4. The shell books and the scrolls are really lovely! And the frame was saved brilliantly!!' Xxx


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