Monday, 9 April 2018

March into April

Exciting post title I know but I can't think of anything else at the mo!

I've had a strange few weeks creatively. Not that I've been idle.

I put together another natural book. 

Gives reason for picking up all those odd bits I find calling to me. 

Despite trying it refused to have a proper cover mainly because it wants to sit like this.  Which is ok as it displays quite well. 

I have been making various pieces and samples for demoing at Brockenhust Needlework Fiesta again later this month and really struggle with what to show.  After hours and hours of fiddling about and mind changing I think I have come up with something that will work that isn't hot, smelly or takes too long to dry.  All things to be taken into consideration in such a close environment there.  If it works I'll be happy.  We will see. 

I also made another couple of Curio Compendiums to show with the others for the Art Weeks.  They make it more of a collection display then.  More places for all those ODD things I find.

This also included me making the smallest book I have ever created! It's in the top lefthand box. 

I have recently been pulled back into crochet.  I think the last I did was a bag in July and a couple of throws the year before.  This time I'm joining in a Crochet A Long (CAL) by Helen Shrimpton.  As a warm up I did one of her squares to see how she stitches and she has some amazing combinations.  this cushion I made using up lots of odds from knitting the Grand's cardies. 

I have just started her 2016 CAL called Mandala Madness in a King Cole Curiosity yarn that has a looooong colour change. They're supposed to be done in different colours per round but I fancied one of these in neutral greys.
It takes so much more concentration than just knitting in the evenings! There are 45 rounds done so far (36 hours worth), another 66 to go!  AND I could square it off after than if I chose.  I may stop early, depending on the size reached.  This years CAL starts in just over a week. 

In my efforts of trying to use stuff up I dug out my fabric sample books and an old bag pattern.  I tweaked it a bit and have been putting together some new bags for DAW too.  

Two made all bar the metalwork and bits, another two under the machine and several more waiting for cutting.  these always sell well.  The black and gold one I may even keep for myself! 

I've been having a few panic attacks about what I have to make for what's coming up and really not liking where I am with it all.  I have piles of stuff I just want to play with or finish or even start in some cases!  I took the decision to not do any more exhibitions after the one in September.  I may still do an Art Weeks or two but they are every other year and I don't have to do it if I don't want to.  I find it hard to keep producing items of a showable standard and I'm not the fastest creator.  I know there are some out there who can bang out work at a phenomenal rate but they have usually worked out a formula that works for them and, to be honest, I become so bored doing the same thing I become frustrated by the constraints.  I had the same problems when I was committed to doing my City and Guilds each time.   I will continue to flit like a butterfly rather than slog doing what I think NEEDS to be done. 

After having a bit of a moment last week I made lists.  Then I made lists of the lists.  When I could see where I was going and scratch a few things out each evening I made a mini list of things I wanted to achieve the following day.  I certainly started sleeping better knowing what needed doing just in small bites.  Then Saturday night I had a phone call asking if I would like to join 5 other local creators at a weekend long exhibition just after the Art Weeks.  Of course I said yes.  Now I have to slot in making a few more scarf pins and bags and hope I don't sell them beforehand! I'm sure I would still feel the same even if I hadn't lost all of January and February and most of March to the tumour but at least I'm still hear moaning about it! 

Once more into the studio......!!!! 


  1. Lots of lovely things in this post even if it does feel like a bit of a muddle to you. Lists always help!

  2. You do such fantastic work and such a variety. Love the Curio Compendiums and the gray Mandela. Hard to be too busy, but better than being bored.

  3. The book and the compendium look gorgeous and the tiny book looks crazy small!! I’m loving both the crochets - did you see the pic of Jackie’s blanket on my blog? Your cushion colours reminded me of hers. The greys one is really stunning too in s very simple way - although I bet it only looks simple as I’m seeing it about 2” square on my phone!!! HOW many hours???

    Do remember that it’s all supppsed to be fun!!! Glad you are recovering well from the op xxx

  4. Love your books but especially love those curios. We seem to be on the same wavelength about things we've committed to while really wanting some time to ourselves for things like you mention. I too don't crank things out quickly and am thinking of not committing to any exhibits this fall. But also like you, wave something under my nose, and I'm more likely than not to say "ooo yes, I'm in!" So glad your small things sell well. Looking forward to more of your exhibition pieces.


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