Saturday, 27 August 2011

We Are Still Here, Well Not Quite

We're in Berlin for the 125 celebrations of Mercedes-Benz so I haven't wanted to bore you non car types yet again!! So just a quickie post.

We left home with our two old girls Winnie and Gwen on Tuesday and arrived in Belgium for the night. Elsa and Mike are accompanying us and driving Gwen. Wednesday night we drove to Hamm and met up with about 35 others from the MB club. Thursday we arrived in Berlin and made camp in a hotel for the next five night with other members joining us here.

Yesterday we all had to put the cars on the apron of Templohof airport. It's the longest building in the world and has enormous presence. After the heat of yesterday when it was in the low 30's we have now woken to cloud and a lot cooler air. Hopefully it won't rain too much!

I will leave you with a few photos. We're not a million miles from Belgium and the Grand Prix this weekend but we do have MY car here, borrowed just for a bit. Hopefully they won't need it tomorrow on the track!

Just so you have a little impression of the vastness of this place. It goes on forever.

Our girls lined up with other members. All wheels have to be in the correct place on the grid! And this was just the start. They are expecting over 2000 vehicles from all over the world.

From some of the most valuable bits of rubber and metal....

To a Vito van that's earned it's right to attitude!

And some of the prettiest bicycles I've ever seen.

It's opening day today so will be busy. Lots more to see and I have a bag with about six sewing projects in it so if I tire I can always find a quiet corner and stitch.

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  1. How exciting. Have a great time. MB world at Brooklands is just half an hour away from us. We used to o to the Brooklands museum quite a lot last year (we were childminding an autistic lad who loved it there). Now that both girls are driving I thought I might get them a MB skid pan lesson for Christmas.

  2. That must be quite a sight to see. Judging by practice so far looks like your car may be needed tomorrow!

  3. Love the Mercedes! Went to Berlin many years ago when it was still part of East Germany, went on a troop train and had to surrender our passports to the East German guards who patrolled the corridor of the train all night. I thing I'd like to revisit it now.

  4. Fun! I spent the weekend driving 4 of my quilting peeps in our 2012 S550! They were totally blown away with how awesome these cars are!


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