Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oops, I Done it Again

Sorry, long time no post!  But I'm sure you've all been busy and not really missed my drivel!!!


At the beginning of August I had entered three quilts and a necklace into the Dorset Arts and Crafts Association annual show.  All were entered just to see how things work really but you always hope!  'Johnny Zeppelin' and the 'Waves' quilt both won a gold and the 'Border Blocks' quilt managed a commended but did have the nice comment that the quilting couldn't be judged as it had obviously been professionally done.  Well I had done it on the Bernina and was really quite flattered that they thought my quilting was 'professional'!

My bead embroidery necklace also won a gold and then also won the section trophy!  This trophy has only just been added this year and was made by Jane Sherwood, or 'Wheezyanna' hence the Wheezyanna Trophy name, who is a lamp-worker and made these beautiful beads on the stand.  It's so new the wood turner has yet to make the base for it so it does look a little lost

Last week was our wedding anniversary and we had a few trips out and about.  This week so far we have had Son staying with us so we have used him to help around the garden etc!  (Useful these children things).

I have done a little on the C&G but not much.  I am also doing a quick 6 week course with Sharon Boggon called Sumptuous Surface Embroidery and very much enjoying it. Also the My Tweets seems to have run away without me and so I have been starching up two of the blocks for that before the next one comes out any time soon!  I hate that feeling of losing the plot.

Thank you for the birthday wishes on FB!!  I had a great time being flown down to southern France and Bergerac again.  We had had an invite to a reception in Belcastel for the summer exhibition of Casimir Ferrer's sculptures, and the artwork of Wayne AndersonNicoletta Ceccoli and Daniel Merriam.  You may already know we are great fans of Daniel and we were over the moon to actually meet him this time after we had just missed him last year.

Time to breath tomorrow, well lots of natter with my stitching ladies, and then John's birthday on Thursday before a very family full weekend!

I hope those of you who went to the Festival of Quilts all had a wonderful time, one day I will make it there but you've probably sussed August is usually pretty busy for us, and thank you to those who have posted pictures on the their blogs.  Have a great week!



  1. Oh Amo, congratulations, how lovely! Please can you post photos or links to the other two winning quilts. It just goes to show it's worth entering! Well done!

  2. Well done! Quite a compliment with the quilting :-)

  3. Congratulations on the awards! So well deserving! Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!

  4. Congratulations! Your quilt is incredible! Love the necklace too.

  5. Thanks so much for showing your winning pieces again. Look forward to seeing what you produce in Sharon's class. Thanks for reminding me to get mine out again and get it finished.


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