Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Antlers Aweigh!!

I've been madly catching up with 'stuff'.  This is turning out to be an exceptional year of travel for us, part of John's master plan in making up for wasted time me thinks.

I have been splattering, stitching and sploshing for the C&G. Several bits have been tweaked.  I am pleased that I am making progress again.

My sewing group has declared the Christmas Challenge to be a table centre or wall hanging. I had a few thoughts scattered in the back of my brain and some scribbles in a file so I dug them out and have managed to sketch out, refine and then cut these out onto fused fabric.  I'm now in the process of blanket stitching before further embellishing.  It's hand TV work at the very least!  What on earth made me choose to draw all those antlers??

Next week the Dorset show is on and I've entered a couple of bits.  Not some of the ones I wanted to but what I have will do.  It's a bit of fun and supports the Dorset arts.

This is a very small pile of the triangles I've been putting together, most of these were done in the car on the way and back from Wales last week.

We have had another good year for the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers again (sadly not a single sign of the Sparrowhawks though), and also a very noisy pair of Green Woodpeckers.  This morning John opened the curtains and saw this little guy sitting in the tree.

At first we thought it was a Thrush as its so flecked but after seeing the closer photo there was no mistaking the beak or slight red tinge to the head.

I have the floor mats on the frame upstairs and part projects everywhere so I'm flitting a bit today.  It may be cold, grey and miserable outside but it means things should be done inside.  I leave the computer alone now...



  1. So what is the mystery bird, asks the little American girl from the midwest? I totally understand flitting about with too many unfinished projects. Sigh!

  2. Sorry Maggie!! It's a young Green Woodpecker, said she still not away from the computer!!!!

  3. We get green woodpeckers at our caravan park and so I was pleased to see your photo. Now I know what the babies look like. All those little triangles look interesting.

  4. You'll be so pleased you did when its finished I'm sure. It looks amazing! Nice work! :)


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