Saturday, 16 July 2011

To Be Busy

I have been looking for some bedside mats for ages and not particularly liked any that I have seen so far.  A light bulb moment a few weeks ago made me think of making my own.

What's wrong with putting quilts on the floor?  We do play mats for babies and have thick towelling ones for the bathrooms.  I don't think they would be good on the wood floors downstairs but we have carpet in the upstairs bedrooms and they shouldn't slip and can be thrown in the washing machine regularly.

I had a couple of bundles of 10 inch squares in shades of green and cream and have spent today cutting them into strips and piecing them back together (weird game this patchworking).  And have made these two tops which are 37 x 18 inches each.

I will be adding borders and then I will quilt them quite heavily, if anything they will be great practise on the longarm!! 

The reason to be busy was that yesterday we had to say goodbye to Leopold Magesticoon, or Izzy to us normal beings.  Cats have character, Maine Coon's have Attitude with a capital A.  They also, unfortunately, have a breed trait for heart problems and Izzy was one of the unlucky ones especially being male, of older age and of larger than average stature.  

He spent most of his time in the position below dreaming of cat things but we know he was also a great hunter which was hard to believe, agility didn't seem to be his strong point.  He was also quite vocal and I will miss our Maa Maow conversations as we gardened or just sat in the G&T hut.

We are more than grateful to have known him and to have been there with him at the end and that it was quick.


  1. Fabulous idea for a floor quilt Amanda. I'm sorry for your loss but glad that you were there with Izzy. x

  2. Sorry to hear about your family member Izzy! Memories always keep them near though!

  3. That last photo of Izzy makes him look very majestic. Definitely full of character.
    Love the idea for the quilted rug.

  4. The bedside mats are lovely. Husband describes my hobby as cutting fabric and sewing it back together! Accurate as far as it goes I suppose! Lovely photos of izzy :-(

  5. The bedside mats will be lovely! Absolutely fantastic idea! Izzy did his job, bringing joy to his people!

  6. Great idea for the bedside mats. So sorry to hear about your beautiful cat. Our pets are such treasured family members and so special. Just keep busy. Thinking of you.

  7. So sorry to read about Izzy - what an absolutely splendid looking chap. I know how much it hurts to have to say good-bye to a furry member of the family.


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