Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Time Flies

Well it's heading for two weeks since I last posted and I'm not too sure where the time has gone.

I had a delivery from Oakshot Fabrics.  They had an offer on their huge designer collection and a voucher came through in an email.  Couldn't resist!  You may visually stroke them.

We had a lovely visit to the local Army Air base with a personal tour of the hangers.  Since Elsa started working for us she had several comments from our engineers that they never see where their parts actually end up.  As an Aircraft Technician, she always knew where the parts went but not where they came from!  (Well she did, it being in the family, just not too in-depth!)  She is very lucky to have Mike her fiancée still in the hangers so a few requests were made and a day was arranged and 20 of us had a really great day seeing where some of our parts end up.  Even to the point of finding parts sporting our company name written along with names of the guys who made them, some of who were with us.  This may not thrill some of you but it was a real eye opener  and a very rare treat to clamber all over some of Her Majesty's finest military equipment.  We even had a very up close and personal mini display from 5 Apaches.  As you can imagine, no photos to be published except maybe just a group one.

I was rather taken with the beautiful colours on the buds on this Lucifer crocosmia.

And Elsa and I had a visit from this Vapour moth larvae whilst we were sitting on the patio.  The moth itself is rather bland even down to the female being wingless and blob like, but the caterpillar really does make up for it!

I have been cutting some of my hand dyed fabrics into strips as I have been hand piecing triangles.  I didn't want to go the hexagon route, (I know that 6 of the triangles make a hexagon!) as I thought I could make a more controllable colour wash with them.  Well my strips were 1.75 inches wide.  Except when I took my eye off the ball and they were cut at 1.5 wide.  Luckily last weeks Design Matters TV was about using hand dyed fabric in a Rail Fence pattern and controlling where the colour ends up.  I stopped glaring at the little pile of strips that had been offending me every time I walked into the Eyrie and Rail Fenced them!  I'm sure it will end up as a base for something.

The C&G has had a few fabric moments this past week which I have loved, and now it's back to working in the sketchbook which I still struggle with.  I will climb that hill after a little while playing with other things!

I hope the change in the weather over the next few days doesn't spoil your plans, have a great week!



  1. Hi Amo, the tour looks great fun, Mike should run iit as a side line! I've only once used the oakshot fabrics but they are great both to look at, and to stroke! The rail fence is great, my eye was drawn to it before I read about you having hand dyed the fabrics too - well done!

  2. What a fantastic caterpillar!! The rail fence piecing is really effective with that fabric.

  3. Awesome photos! Such a strange looking caterpillar, looks as if it has kernels of corn stuck onto it!

  4. That IS a pretty extraordinary caterpillar - an Alice in Wonderland looking creature. Not familiar with that flower but it is lovely, strikes me as unusual.

  5. What a gorgeous array of colours in the fabrics - like a pencil box ... always inviting.
    Love the railfence piece.


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