Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Day That Didn't Go Sideways!

On Monday night I realised that Tuesday was just about mine for the taking and so planned a day in my room to play.  Normally when a plan is made Sod and Murphy both join forces to jeopardise it.  I actually made it through with only one very brief phone call interruption!!!

Block 9 of My Tweets is done and block 10 is waiting for cutting and starching.

I have bloomers...
 ...and a chemise for a new troll.  I did spend quite some time fiddling with top layer clothes and came up against a few snags so put it to one side for a while until the solution found me later in the afternoon, so pleased there.
I also did a couple of pieces for Christmas and began gathering thoughts for a class I have been asked to give in January to my sewing group.

During our away trip last week I think the faeries were in my room making a lot of mess too.  There seemed to be a lot of projects out all over the work tops.  I had to sort and put quite a lot of that away as well.

I now have a little time this afternoon so perhaps I will open the C&G folder..... (but shhh don't tell Sod and Murphy).


  1. A whole day, how lovely! Mrs troll is looking great. I'm glad you explained about your faeries, I think they've been to my place too!

  2. Yes, Mrs Troll is looking marvellous. For a second there, until I scrolled down further, I thought the bloomers were actually for you... clearly I need to have a little lie-down. Love that appliqued block too.

  3. Glad you had a productive day. Very interesting previous posts, particularly the Book of Kells.

  4. Lately, I'm productive if I get all my blogs read! So glad you had some time for you!

  5. Glad I read on or I would have thought that there was a new fashion trend that I didn't know about. That faerie definitely has visited my house. She is very messy. Block 9 is looking beautiful.


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