Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another Troll is Born

A little more regal this time!

This is Laurel.

Her velvet gown with long sleeves covers her lace chemise and stripy bloomers.  She has quite a bit of bling and a chatelaine on her belt with keys, only she knows to what though, silk ribbon in her hair and rather sparkly boots. 

Don't forget you can click to enlarge.


  1. She is rather regal looking! I'll bet she is a hoot after a few cocktails!

  2. Oh Amo, you are so good at these! Just remember, if you ever decide ether that you have too many, or that you need some cash to complete the next one, i am waiting to give one a good home!

  3. Wow - Did you make this one with next year's Royal celebrations in mind - she looks a little like Her Majesty the Queen LOL!

  4. Your troll is gorgeous... if you can say that a troll is gorgeous... if you know what I mean. :)
    Love her....!


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