Saturday, 26 November 2011

I've Become a Nanny! Sort Of...

Elsa and Mike have their new addition to the family.

Isn't he the cutest!  Just love pointers and their wrinkly baby faces.

I have been creating, honest!! Had a day set aside and Sod and Murphy both came to join in and then John had a rather nasty tummy bug for a bit.  and, and, and.....



  1. He is gorgeous, looks though he has bedsocks on.

  2. Ooo so cute is right! Love 'em at this stage!
    What better way to waist time! :)

  3. Congratulations Nanny on your new furry grand child. He's just beautiful and looks so cuddly. My dog knows my parents as Nanna and Grandad too ... if I say "Grandads here" she goes ballistic with excitement.

  4. Love the new addition, congrats to Elsa and Mike. I'd missed last week's post, the HCA illustrations are super, and I can see the zentsngle connection

  5. Oh what a sweetie! He's just gorgeous!

  6. So sweet! Who could resist that face!


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