Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shades May Be Needed!

Yesterday I dyed some fabrics using the method shown by Laura on DesignMattersTV a few weeks ago.  Where she scrunched into flat trays, I only had empty laundry gel capsule tubs.  I scrunched in the same way like a concertina and then gently wound it around so it looked like a Danish pastry so it would fit in the bottom of the tubs.  I have a few whitish patches but then each of these pieces of fabric, apart from two almost all orange ones, are 1 metre by 1.5 metres so quite large.  I wanted vibrant, I think I managed vibrant!

I think next time I would use smaller pieces and perhaps sacrifice some of the crystalline effect for less white areas.  I mustn't forget also that the chances of me using this as a whole cloth are about 0 so they will be cut up  and the colours redistributed.  At least they will all have a united theme.  They are fascinatingly like a Rorschach test though, I could spend hours looking at them! 

And the single colour ones are textured too.

My sewing machine has been in for a service so I have been muddling along on my workshop one.  Still a great machine, but not my Bob.  Yesterday I phoned them as it had been three weeks and they said it would be 10 days max and I was told that yes it was done, had been sitting there for ages they just hadn't managed to ring me.  Great service, not.  If only the recognised Bernina dealers weren't so far apart!!

We have been to a couple of Christmas Craft fairs and, because we're doing a little of the Buy British and local thing this year we actually finished our shopping well before December.  Mind you I do tend to buy and make gifts through the year so there's not a loony rush at the end but now we have reached December I am a little more happy to start thinking about the whole thing, especially the cooking side of it!

And just because he simply is just so adorable....

I can't wait to give him a cuddle again this weekend!

Off to to some C&G now and wait the arrival of John and a sewing machine.



  1. Love your dyeing efforts, they are wonderful...I love the colours.

    That is one cute little puppy....

  2. You're not kidding about that dog! Great dyeing results too.

  3. Sono meravigliosi i colori che hai ottenuto e il tuo cane è tenerissimo.
    Ho visitato il tuo blog e mi piace molto la bella e calda atmosfera che si respira.
    Mi unisco ai tuoi followers, a presto

  4. Oh, Lis, the dyed fabrics are great, they should be great to work with

  5. Your dyed pieces are brilliant ... I love the colours ... they open up all sorts of ideas for what to do with them. And what a gorgeous bundle of puppiness.

  6. Great results and you could always overdye the bits with too much white in, although there doesn't seem to be an excessive amount to me. That is just one bundle of cuteness.

  7. Love the colours, even the bits of white add to overall beauty! How aggravating that they couldn't take the minute to ring you up! And I do love the pup!


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