Sunday, 20 November 2011

Out and About

We had a trip out to the Wimborne Food Festival a couple of weekends ago.
Lots to see,
 and certainly smell.
 Even the Minster joined in.
And a little entertainment from the Quayside Cloggies morris group.
It was a lovely morning out and we come home with quite a few tasty goodies that didn't last long!

When we were in Dublin last month one of the galleries had the new book of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales just released and I bought it because it is years since I thought about fairy tales and also because the illustrations were by Harry Clarke.

Certainly plenty of inspiration for some textile work one day and almost a forerunner of zentangling!

I have mostly just been working on the City & Guilds as far as creating is concerned.  I have had a few sudden panics about not actually doing anything that I want to do, only things that are sent out to do. Don't get me wrong, I am very much enjoying the course and I'm having tremendously encouraging support from both my tutor and John, I just keep having flashes of things I could make outside the course (like the trolls) but I don't really want to start anything new knowing there are some exciting things coming up in the course that should be taking priority and plenty of past things I should be finishing!!  A real war of the devil and the angel within. I am becoming better at telling them both to shut up!

With the knowledge that I really am terrible at keeping notes, using a journal and sketching out my sudden thoughts for future reference, I have signed up for Sharon Bogon's Studio Journal course which starts in February.   Still a long way off I know!!!  Plenty of time to start accumulating all those Post Its and scribbles.  The course is not on sketchbook work or art journalling, it's purely on using a journal as part of a design process.  Hopefully I can actually learn a discipline that will add to and enhance what I am learning in the C&G and to take forward, at least the course is only for 6 weeks.

I have managed to quick knit some fingerless gloves.  That's finally used up some of the sock yarn I had as part of the sock club from D&T Crafts last year and re-aquainted me with double pointed needles, something I haven't done for years and don't particularly enjoy!  In the colour way 'Aquarius', good for walking the dogs and hiding doggy slobber and mud anyway!

And Friday I managed to send off another section of the C&G  just as the dogs demanded their walk.  Yesterdays sandy charge around was back down to Studland.  A beautiful morning for it too.

Waiting for the ferry to Sandbanks we had this chap sit on the wall and tell us all about the castle on Brownsea Island behind him.

Thank you for the kind words about Foxy.  He is missed by his brother who has also decided being the only cat can have huge advantages.  No one has the heart to move him from in front of the fire or off the clean washing pile.  Even the dogs have given in complaining that he's taken over their bed.

Have a great Sunday.



  1. Lovley photos of the sea arches. I was sorry to read about your loss. Foxy's brother will be enjoying a little spoiling for a while.

  2. I could almost smell the food festival from your photos. The photos of the dogs are so joyful. Hard going with C&G isn't it when it starts to impinge on other things that you want to do. I keep going through the same frustrations.


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