Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fire Garden at Stonehenge.

Last night we went to Stonehenge to see the Fire Garden which is a part of the Cultural Olympiad

As well as being quite a sight to see the two amazing bits were we were allowed into and among the stones and yes, those are real flames and fire and it was hot and we were all trusted to not hurt ourselves!  



  1. Good to know that H&S wasn't at work. Looks very atmospheric.

  2. Hurrah for good old fashioned common sense. Looks like it was a fabulous sight.

  3. What a sight! Years ago, we're talking early 70's when we first started going to England the stones weren't roped off and you could always walk among them. We've had a picnic there.

  4. So jealous! I saw it on TV but they said all the tickets were sold, thanks for he photos, how lovely they opened Stonehenge properly, hopefully they'll doit again, and I love the common sence approach to H&S

  5. Yes, being in among the stones was fabulous. I hadn't been in to them since a school trip in the '70's and when we did go more recently when they were roped off it's just a pile of rocks really. You have to go IN them. And there were no reports of burns or major accidents/fires/any other incidents where people can not be trusted to take care of them selves. It was great!


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