Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tawny Owl

The first painting I ever sold was of a Tawny and I painted it when I was 12.  This is probably the only other one I've done!  I seem to be running out of steam with the pastels now though, this has taken an age to finish and I'm starting to overwork it so I'm leaving it.


  1. He is lovely. Perhaps you should try a different type of subject matter with the pastels to keep your enthusiasm going - dogs, (if you can get them to stay still for long enough), architecture, natural textures?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Don't stop. Agree with Maggi, try other subjects but just keep doing it.

  3. Thank you ladies. It's not the subject, I do do other things in them like landscapes but don't enjoy them as much, it's just part of one of those cycles. I'm having itches to sew again now so the pastels will go away for a bit. You know how it goes!!! lol


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