Monday, 20 May 2013

Hola! We've Been Shirking

Just back from Northern Spain and Rioja.  If you remember back last September we went with our friends over there to do a recci for the car club. Post here.

When we went then there was a little concern that not everyone would enjoy an unstructured holiday.  No specific drive outs, no arranged tours, no holding of hands for every moment.  This time there was to be a place to stay, an area to visit and no holds barred.  Well response was fantastic and we ended up being a group of 42 cars in total.  Good job the hotels were up to it! As you've seen the photos in the other post I won't fill this post up with them again.  Besides I think most of the new ones are of John's ear, the wing mirror and the odd bush as we went past.  If there is anything interesting I'll let you know!!!  Oh and the reservoirs were very full this time! 

For stitching at the last minute I put together these silk fabrics under chiffon.  Sorry the colour is off as it was late! 

I made a few passes through with the sewing machine and then took a selection of silk threads and off I went.  I will show that a little later when I have done more to it.

As you may have seen in past posts my son Chris brings me back lots of sea glass from his surfing adventures.  Well they hadn't started raking the beach at the hotel this year and John and I had a quick opportunity to do a little collecting of our own!

The pieces Chris brings are very precious to me and I have been a little reluctant to start experimenting with drilling.  I now have plenty to practise on and not ruin the precious ones.  And the little brown stone with the stripe is fabulous. Its a slice of ammonite captured and worn away just right.

I think we are virtually up together again now.  Ellie managed to put a blackthorn deeply into her leg the day before we left which had to be removed surgically and stapled.  Luckily Elsa was persuaded bit my hand off to stay home for the week and puppy sit.  I was a hard choice for her. 

A nice relax on the sofa tonight with the pups and I have plans for a few of these too.

Have a great week



  1. Some lovely beach finds there. I'm very interested in what you are doing with the silk fabrics, i's looking good already. I hope Ellie heals well.

    1. Beach finds are always lovely! And yes Ellie is doing very well now, thank you.

  2. The seeing looks intriguing! And the sea glass beautiful

    1. Thank you B! I knew what you meant. ;-)

  3. Very interesting piece you have taken with you. Look forward to seeing the embroidery.

  4. Mutual admiration. Look forward to seeing your progress. Are you having a sale?


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