Sunday, 26 May 2013

Results of a Little Sorting

Now trying to get back on track after Spain.  The tidy up was quite fruitful in several ways.  I found quite a few bits that I could use.  Always preferable to buying again.  Isn't it??  

Anyway, the chatelain has been literally hanging around for a while and I've been wondering what to do about presenting it.  The rules don't actually state they have to be in a box or whatever but I would like this to have a little protection especially after the deadline and it's back into the infamous cupboard of Stuffiv'emadeanddon'tknowwhattodowith.  (I really should have that put on a plaque.)

This tube kept pushing itself towards me for use, and that was after it was empty, and a little rummage in a cupboard found a nice length of damask that just happens to be a smidge over the width of the tube.  I like it when things tell me they want to play together.  You will see where they take me later.

The half ostrich egg has had it's dangles added.  In fact there is a little room for some more but I will live with it a while first.  It's easier to add than to take away. 

I added some more porcupine quills I had for fly tying and a few of the bone and copper beads.

Actually displaying it was going to be interesting.  I seem to have quite a few bits of Mother Nature's own precious gems like bone, feather and antler.  All cast off's and no long used and needing their new place.  A couple of pieces of antler provided a nice cradle for the egg and I built them into a stand using air dry modelling compound. 

Ok not the prettiest of items but it adds to the totally organic nature of the piece.  

I also found a few of the Take a Stitch Tuesday samples I made in about 2008 so I thought I'd made a little book of them.

More of an exercise in making the book than showing the samples.

I really want to make a few more books mainly focusing on different spine treatments.  That's usually the part we see more of after all.

As usual the pictures are pretty standard for me.  Functional but not showy.  I have a plan however.  Chris likes taking photos and I have a lovely Nikon and lenses and we also have a photographer called Kris Dutson of Southern Scenic Photography who is quite local to us.  If you want to see my beautiful county at it's glorious best please do visit his site.  Kris runs workshops and sometime in the near future I will be doing one with Chris so he can learn about my big camera.  I really do not have a retentive memory for all the ins and outs of photography but I know what I need.  All this equals a camera being used, a son who can use it and a happy mum.

Well this weekend sees the start of quite a few Art Trails and Open Studios around us and we went and visited a few yesterday and we're just off to a couple more this morning.  A quick blast along the beach with the dogs and home to watch the F1.

I hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend.



  1. Ah! The sun is out, bit of gardening done, happy day. What a lovely son you have. Always look forward to seeing how your work progresses.

  2. the egg is looking great, and the book is awesome!

  3. The egg looks really good, very innovative way of displaying it. love the book. What did you make the pages from, pelmet vilene or Evolon, or something else?


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