Saturday, 1 June 2013

Still Ne'er Clout Casting

It's now June and this is our Hawthorn, almost reluctantly opening a few of it's flowers.  Normally it's managed to carpet the lawn with petals and the rose is taking over by now.  I guess this is one May tree that is definitely feeling the lateness of the year. Jumpers and socks are stil to hand. 

We took the dogs for a very blustery walk up to Win Green on the Bank Holiday.

We can see it from almost everywhere around here as it is the highest pont on the Cranborne Chase (910 feet). It's only a couple of miles from the house too but we had never actually been up there.  The view is 360degs like this with a little clump of beech trees on the top.

This week I handed in the Chatelaine.  I know they won't be shown until 3rd August but I thought I'd rather it be there and safe than here and forgotten!

The port tube had a bit of a makeover.  I quilted and beaded the damask to make the cover and the inside is just plain.

It took a while to work out the hanging hook but thanks to John's odds box in the garage and a Dremmel I managed it.  Very pleased over all.  (Sorry just realised you can't actually see that the lid lifts with a hook underneath to hang the chatelaine from. )

The Dorset Art Fair is on this weekend at Kingston Mauward, Dorchester so I think we will have a nice trip over to there later to see what they've all been up to!

But I've just been outside and I think John is having a bit of a play with his girls first!!!

Have a great weekend.



  1. It certainly is a view from your hill!

  2. the chatelaine. and its box are amazing! enjoy the rest of the rest

  3. What a fantastic view. Hope the socks and jumper are off by now. The chatelaine looks beautiful displayed like that.

  4. You are a clever girl. Great way to display your work. Warming up nicely at last. Great view.

  5. Yay, jumpers are off now, but socks go back on in the evening!! lol


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