Friday, 21 June 2013

A Finish, Finds and That Treasure!

First the finish.  I decided to use the second batch of Collinette yarns up as granny squares.  This actually turned out larger than the other one here.

Tully has dognapped this one too.  She's a right little minx when it comes to anything snuggly.  Mind you she is allowed to be at the moment.  She ran into one of our blackthorn bushes after a bird and managed to puncture her eye.  Trip to vet and lots of drops.  She did look a little manic at one point with one widely dilated luminous green eye but all the lotions and potions have worked and she is doing fine and still has her eyesight.  Just!
Do you like the jumbo tassels?

A few of the beach finds.  I love the squared off or rectangular rocks from the beach, the extremely thin oyster shell that shines and the baby scallop shells.  Probably not very exciting to some of you but when you have manicured beaches like we have here it's lovely to find Mother's treasure.

On one beach there were only shells.  No sand at all just crushed shell.  The bright yellow ones are lovely and I may just put them in a jar of their own.  And can you see it?  The treasure??  My Spanish gold???  
Ok I know its only 20 cent piece but it is gold colour and from Spain.  I did have John's heart racing for a while though.  

And don't you just love the variety of colours in the simple limpet? 

And a fab rock.  I do hope I'm not the only one who has things call and need to be brought home.  I know a lot of places ban it and I can understand very much why!  (Those are centimetre squares, not inches!)

Back at home I found this little nest on the drive on the way out the other morning.  All twirled in moss and horse hair.  As we drove out there were Jackdaws outside next door eating eggs so it was probably them that also pulled the nest out.  I hate corvids and spend a lot of time discouraging them from nesting in our garden.  The garden birds have priority here!!

A quick look online and it seems to be a Chaffinch nest.  Prettied up with feathers on the outside.  None of the bits I put out though, that's usually taken by the Sparrows and Goldfinches first.

And the bat box swarm seem to be (bee ha ha) settling in well.

John's off fishing today and I'm going to make a list of things I must do.  Doing them is something else though.

Have a great weekend! 



  1. Ahoy there me hearty! Treasure indeed. Love the Granny blanket. We go to the beach at Watchet and pick up bits of pink alabaster and the odd fossil.

  2. Apart from the news about Tully I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. (Is that Tully as in Tullamore Dew?) I'm still wincing at the thought of poor Tully's injury but I'm glad she's going to be ok. Your beach finds are wonderful, especially that beautiful rock and not least the spanish treasure. I recognise that particular collection from our own beachcombing in Connemara some years ago. Terrible for the bird family but isn't that nest beautiful? Enjoy your list making and have a lovely weekend. Thanks again for the great post. :-)

  3. Love all the little bits of shore find! Sounds like a delightful time!

  4. Poor Tully, I'm glad that she has somewhere comfortable to recover and that it wasn't as serious as it could have been. Beautiful beach finds. I love corvids but they have to share my garden and its food with the other birds that visit. Seems fairly amicable most of the time but I don't encourage nest building here anyway, (much as I would love to, because of the cat population that also resides or visits .

  5. I collect too, where dad lives we find million year old sharks teeth on the beach! I have jars of them from every holiday!!!!!!

  6. Poor Tully, and poor you - both for worry and wallet-damage which I'll bet was significant! We bring 'treasures' home and put them in the garden. Lovely reminders of happy holidays as we're digging.

  7. Tully is all better now and has stopped looking quite so manic!


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