Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Urge to Play and Time to Catch Up

I had my first silk club selection all the way from Australia a couple of weeks back but have been busy doing other things to really have a play with it all.  Yesterday the urge came upon me!

Here are a couple of the cocoons lurking in strange positions.  They actually have size on them and are drying.

Whilst waiting I sprinkled some of the metal flakes, also included in the club selection, onto a piece of flimsy and covered it with  separated layers of the silk hankie.

A whizz through the embellisher and some hand stitching.

This is more the colour than the other photo.  With the addition of some gold work leftovers.

And the cocoons had a bit of a jazz up too with metal flakes on the size, stitch, more gold work bits, beads and some super sparkly organza in the top.

A few Shisha mirrors just because they were hanging around.

And the cocoons have a little home.

Just a little more to be done.  

Last Wednesday John whisked me away to Limoges for a few days.  Yes we have been fabulously lucky to go away a couple of times already this year but this is the first time just as Me and He for a while.  The hotel was lovely and central to the old quarter where the Cathedral Saint Etienne is.  It's one of the few remaining fully Gothic cathedrals left and it is a beauty.  

It has super thin flying buttresses like above and it's covered all over in gargoyles like below.  

Well worth the visit and to the Museum of Beautiful Arts in the Bishop's house next door.  In this museum we found quite a few paintings by the artist Elie Lascaux, very beautiful and lightly surreal, worth putting into Google Images for a quick look.  The shop even had a book all about him in English as well as a French version so that had to come home with us. 

In other news (!) we all seemed to have survived the Google Reader switch off.  In fact it wasn't even noticeable so that was a relief.  I did worry slightly that I may lose you all but you are all still there. GFC and other gadgets weren't affected.

We had a special couple of visitors to the garden last month.  One night after a BBQ I went out to check all was in and saw this little glowworm  between the paving slabs.

It was the first we've seen here so very exciting.  John went in for the torch and I managed this photo too.

We are also pleased to see we still have slowworms.  Sorry if you're a bit squeamish about wriggly things. 

And speaking of squeamish here are Ruger and Ellie practising their levitating head party trick.  Cool eh??

Off to watch a bit of tennis now.  Have a great week.



  1. You clever girl - couldn't figure out quite where you were going with all the bits and pieces and embellishing, so the end result was a delightful surprise.

    Also like your clever dogs..;-)

  2. You are so creative, love to see what you do and the process behind it.

  3. Lovely job with the cocoons and slushie, very opulent looking, which is more than can be said for the dogs!

  4. the stuff with the silks is amazing, you have such an eye for seeing and enhancing.beauty


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