Thursday, 4 July 2013

Peering In

I have finished and mounted the little cocoon collection.

It took a while to distress the canvass until I liked it.

The canvas is 12 inches.

I can see quite a few of these in my future!!  I love it when an original thought becomes reality!!!



  1. Very nice, I can see why you will do more!!!

  2. I hadn't fully appreciated the scale you were working to. They look very beautiful.

  3. Well done! beautiful! delicate and exquisite.

  4. The canvas has the look of metal - at least in the picture. It was interesting to learn that it was just distressing. Looks good.

  5. Very effective, no wonder you have more planned.

  6. Thank you, definitely more in the head. Just have to pull them out into the real world.


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