Tuesday, 9 July 2013

'Moonrise' the Compliment to 'Sunset'

In the heat of yesterday I put the last few stitches in this. 

Just before we went to Ireland John had two days out fishing so as my time was my own I pulled out lots of fabrics to make something.  I wasn't quite sure what, and it certainly didn't start as this.  I knew 'Sunrise' (read about that one here) would have a sister quilt at some point, just not when!

Very different trees and a little metallic paint this time.

Still a balance of machine and hand stitch, a discharged moon, plenty of silvery threads and beads.

I'm quite pleased with it and it sits very well next to Sunrise too. 

This is my Mother's Day orchid from Chris still going strong!  I have a few, and one or two I've managed to have them flower again, but this one has now been in full bloom for four months only dropping about 4 flowers.  So lovely.

And after a thoroughly exhausting few days of sport and sunshine, Ellie demonstrates, in her best catalogue pose, how to look elegant in the heat. 

I hope you're enjoying Summer now it's finally here!! (Unless you're downunder and the reverse applies :-) )



  1. It certainly i a wonderful complement to Sunset, which I have always liked. Are you going to hang them together?

    Yes, enjoying the summer very much thank you, long may it last.

  2. Oh yes it compliments Sunrise perfectly, I love it!

  3. Moonrise is a beautifull sister quilt to Sunset. I like both. Congratulations.
    Also here, Summer has arrived. Good afternoon.

  4. i love moonrise, especially the moon and the echo quilting

  5. The colours are slightly more subtle than they look in those photos but still an orange, for a night scene.


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