Thursday, 25 July 2013

I Have Been Busy, See.

Apologies for the last post.  The Old Reader is having trouble migrating servers so I went back to Bloglovin for a while.  I was trying to put a widget thingy in and kept getting lost.  Anyway, all done now though I can't wait for TOR to be back it's just so much nicer that Bloglovin!

Just a little playing with books this week and I've loved every minute of it.

I want to have something that's for on the table at the Art Trail and these are fun to do and someone may want to buy one.

The beading on the spines are quite effective and very tactile.

These first two are mixed media with skeleton leaves hand stitched onto felt with one beaded and one plain spine.  The red has watercolour paper and the brown pastel, cartridge and watercolour papers.  Both about 15 x 18 cms.

These two are similar fronts with both watercolour and cartridge paper mixes. 14 cm.

 This one was an experiment with Khadi paper painted, stamped and stitched.  Loved finding these beads too.  About 14 x 11 cms.

And this little one was using some of the silk paper I made last week.  It's under organza lightly needle felted and stitched with heavy cartridge paper.  11 cm.

At least the weather has been cooler this week, if a little wetter.  More comfortable for creating though don't you think?

Have a great weekend.



  1. Lovely. Things like that always prove top much of a temptation for me even if I will never need another book! Still hot and humid here although when it rains in the night it cools things for the morning.

  2. Who wouldn't want to buy one of these books? They're gorgoeus!

  3. They are gorgeous and my eye is on the red one.

  4. If there are any books left after will you sell them here? Id like one, my fave is the daffodil, but I'll buy any one!

  5. Wow - I am speechless. Except to say I love that use of beads. Beautiful...

  6. Well the October showing is now off so they're going for the May one instead. Seems ages away but we all know how things creep up!!


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