Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Jolly Little Jaunt Out

Yesterday we had a visit to the New Forest Show.  It was rather wet and the sun decided to show it's face just as we were leaving.  It was so wet I didn't even open my bag let alone use the camera!  As always there was lots to see, do and eat.  I'm sure most of you know the routine of a County show!  

We did see plenty of ducks and geese but very early this morning on the lane out of the village we turned the corner to this beautiful gaggle of swans waddling up towards us! (iPhone and low light).

I think mum and dad were a little shocked to find this big metal thing with lights coming towards them but the cygnets, all 10 of them, were unfazed.  A couple even plonked themselves down in the middle of the road.  I wasn't so daft as to jump out of the car, any animal with babies has to be given respect, but I did find a piece of paper to flap as John inched the car closer.  Luckily they took the hint and moved over.  And mostly plonked themselves down again.  The youngsters were obviously a little tired, that hill is slightly steep and the stream is about 50 metres down the bottom there.  They've probably never used their legs for such an ungainly thing as walking that far before!  

We were on our way to to West Sussex to pick up this sewing machine base that John has bought me for my birthday.  I have a spot in the house that needs a table for a plant that's been living on the floor and this is quite a neat, narrow table stand.  A little bit of work to do on it and a top and it will be perfect.  Just need a slab of wood to buy (Darren I may need a rummage xx) and a bit of a carpenter (Chris your talents again xx) and hey presto!! 

Do you remember the silks I layered up a while back? Well I have done some stitching here and there.

And then I chopped it up. (After sewing around the decided sizes a couple of times to secure the hand stitches).

 And neatened it.

 Then a few beads.

And buttons.

And bits.

And I'm now ready for the next stage.  I will make a couple of visitor comments books from them.  Something I have been told is a must have for showing work.

Sad news this week is that the Art Trail in October has been cancelled but at least I have a few bits for the bigger one in May next year and I really do feel a little calmer about the whole thing.  Remind me of that next year will you??  It did spur me on to finally put something in my Etsy shop though.  Only a few cards for now but it starts the ball rolling.  Nothing worse than a totally empty shop!

And the good news this week is that Elsa and Mike have reached the magical 12 weeks stage of their new family.  I got to see my new Grandbaby!!!  Well one of those grainy photo things but very clearly a baby with hand held aloft.  We will just have to wait to see if it was waving a spanner or a needle but the knitting and proper quilt planning can now commence in earnest, I've been waiting weeks to brag about this you know!!



  1. Beautiful work Amanda and how wonderful to see your new grandbaby :-)

  2. Love the layered silks. Sorry to hear that the event in October has been cancelled though. Why on earth was the swan family walking so far away from the pond?

  3. A shame about the October event, but how funny you were in the New Forest the same time as me, I didn't even know there was a show on!! Oh congratulations to E and M, how exciting!!! She wasn't pregnant when she did that three day run was she???

    1. Oh, and love love LOVE the new plant stand!

  4. Having spent a week in St. ives and having to do the gruelling walk up the hill everyday i know exactly how those poor babies feel. Congratulations, Gran, Grandma, Granny, Nan, Nanny, Nanna, Nana,so many variations to choose from. I am going to be Grandma

  5. I lose the will with ipad sometimes when it won't let me finish off what i wanted to say.

    It is exciting news for you all, get making. Love the new project.

  6. Congratulations! Lots to keep you occupied making things for new baby! Your getting a good head start with your work for next years Art Trail, but disappointing that Octobers was cancelled.


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