Saturday, 13 July 2013

Peering In Ovum II

Another set of the cocoons in a canvas.  This time I did a little more to the canvas to start with as I wanted it a little rougher.
So not quite a pair with Ovum I but I doubt you'd want two virtually identical pieces hanging together anyway!!

I think Anne McCaffery must have influenced me all those years ago with her coloured dragon eggs on Pern.  Funny what bubbles to the surface when you're stitching.

Village Fete and Tractor Gathering today so it's life in the slow lane, which is faster than the usual one in this village. Have a fabulous weekend.



  1. so did you make the canvas too? all yummy!!!!!

  2. You really have done a great job in getting that metal effect on the canvas.

  3. Looks great. You are clever.


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