Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eeek! Someone Moved the Goalposts!

Yes you did, didn't you Darren?!?!?

The Dorset Visual Arts group only has it's open studios on alternate years (evens) and this year they have held an Art Trail for the south and west part of Dorset in the Spring and will be holding another for the north and east part in the Autumn.  I wasn't planning on entering but Darren has sort of encouraged me to show with him and a few others.  So, in his words, I've had to get on and make stock.  Well I've been thinking and making a start anyway.

This morning I've been pulling silk fibres to make paper.  The fibres snag on absolutely everything, something that makes Chris' teeth itch and I can see him sucking them now as he reads this.

First one a couple of layers of silk with some snippets from the thread pot.  These were the trimmings from the  Granny Squares throw I crocheted recently.  This was done flat under net on teflon.

The shimmer and shine on this is fabulous with the little flashes of colour from the yarns.

Second lot is a bit more random with leftovers I've collected doing other silk things, metal flakes, bits from the thread pot and the like with the net both sides.  Good job I saved the net bag the kindling came in when we were in Ireland, John didn't even question it, he just handed it over before I even asked.  His training is coming on well.  

A little more random and holey but still usable. Great thing about this hot weather is the drying time!

So, I will be a little busy, more than a little anxious and probably minus my long nails very soon as I now have only three months to make show-able stuff rather than 10.  I'm looking forward to the next Silk Club delivery to see what else I will have to annoy Chris' teeth with too!

And in case you were wondering Darren is a fabulous woodturner and sculptor and has a page HERE.



  1. oh well done you, look forward to seeing progress photos

  2. I guess I have to start somewhere and this is as good a place as any. The others from the DVA are so supportive and there is always someone who knows the answer to any questions. At least this is only three days.

  3. Looking forward to see what you make from these gorgeous pieces. Very impressed with Darren's work.


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