Monday, 9 September 2013

There and Back Again. Again.

 I know were were in Scotland a couple of posts ago but John decided we had to go back up to here...

To have a play day on this...

She is the Lancashire Fusileer pulling the Jacobite Train.  This is a sort of photo of us going over the Glenfinnan Viaduct.  Unfortunately we were facing towards the back and I had to scootch around and the windows were terribly dirty. (Left hand side is the best for views Julie!!!) You can see more HERE with much better photos!! There was no sign of Ford Anglias flying overhead but plenty of young people with wands.

Our destination before re-boarding to come back again was the pretty sea town of Mallaig where we had a lovely fish and chip lunch and a wander around.

Later that evening we went for a drive around and up Glen Roy and some more lovely views.

On the Wednesday we drove up to the Isle of Skye which, unfortunately was rather wet.  Only on the island mind.  Coming back, as with going up, from Castle Eilean Donan south it was lovely sunshine!

Oh, this was our room and I can tell you I looked absolutely everywhere for Mel Gibson.  It's where he stayed when filming Braveheart.  I know it was a few years ago but he might have popped back for a bit.  John did his best but found the blue paint got everywhere and the kilt drafty.

A dawn picture of Glen Coe heading for the airport.  Another amazing trip away.

I did return to this mess though.  There is a desk under there somewhere, honest.

I'e been making these danglies from some of Chris' beach finds.  It seems a shame just to keep the piled up in a pot.  They're wonky because they were stil swinging!!

I'd foiled some of the glass and finally managed to drill others.  Some shells, stones, pottery and a few beads and they twinkle quite nicely in the window.

And I have layered up another group of silks and scrim to hand stitch with a goal in mind for this too.  

Apart from having another quite large tummy problem before we went away, we knew the signs this time so it was to the doctors straight away, I managed to go to the Stitch and Creative Craft Show at Sandown with Elsa and Jan on Friday.  We were a right three I had no energy, Jan is about have a knee replaced and Elsa with bump but I think we all had a great time nattering and ooing and ahhing.  I brought more things home to play with I just have to clear that desk a little!

I know there seemed to be a problem with one of my followers commenting last week.  I think it's because I went over to Google +.  On reading further is seems if you have a blog with Blogger and are on Google + the only people who can then comment on your blog are other Google + users. Absolutely stupid set up, but it doesn't surprise me.  Anyway I am no back to being a normal Google user but please let me know through my email or facebook if you can't comment now.  I'd hate to loose any of you.

I'm about to start another whole new round of blood tests etc in a bit and then I will clear that desk today!!! Have a great week.



  1. I dream of traveling on a steam train.

  2. holiday - looks lovely, thanks for reminding me why i recognised it
    desk - lol mine too!
    danglies - ooooh, pretty, what a great idea
    stomach - hope you get it sorted, my mum's been living on imodium. for a couple of weeks, not good for either of you

  3. Boys and their toys! Pity about Mel Gibson although lots of lovely photos. Very nice danglies too. Hope the blood tests go well and that you are feeling better.

  4. Thank you for the tip Amanda. I think my DH will be hanging out of a window to get his shots. The danglies are lovely and make me want toplay (as if I do anything else!), I shall take some copper wire with me in the hope of finding some pretties to play with. I hope you get your tummy problem sorted out, I know how debilitating it can be.

  5. PS I pinned your danglies as a reminder. Please let me know if you'd rather I hadn't.

  6. A lovely post, apart from your tummy problem! Hope it gets sorted out soon. Shame you didn't find Mel, but at least you had taken your own with you,even if he wouldn't play and wear a kilt or blue paint!!!!!

  7. I'm just smiling at what looks like a very snuggly bit of sheepskin under your desk. I'm guessing that's one of the favourite places for the dogs to sleep :}


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