Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Whole New England

We've just spent a lovely couple of weeks over in New England with friends.  I haven't been to America before and John has only done Los Angeles and Arizona so it was something new.

We started on a bit of a back foot when there had been a fire at the fuelling depot in Logan Airport Boston.  Our flight was delayed 4 hours, a bit of a pain which meant we landed at 2am but the earlier flight had been cancelled altogether so we are grateful we flew at all.

Dawn from our hotel was pretty fabulous though.

We bought a Boston trolley pass each and did the usual touristy things.  Like the Cheers Bar...

 ...and USS Constitution.

Lunch in the Prudential Tower.  Great shopping mall underneath too. 

Another lunch in the oldest restaurant in America, the Union Oyster House.  Peter is taking a photo of the booth next to us which is known as the Kennedy Booth where JFK always insisted on eating as it gave him some privacy.  A long waiting list to sit there but there was a better view being next to it!

We then moved on the Kennebunkport for a couple of nights and then further into Lake Winnepesaukee.  Another good view to wake up to!

It was then across to Saratoga Springs and finally back to the coast and Cape Cod.

It was a great trip away but very much filled with too much food.  I don't know how they cope with so much at every meal!! lol  Back on the diet before Christmas.

Must now seriously get on with some creating!!!



  1. Wow, that's some trip! I think I'd have to order baby portions if I went there lol

    1. Ask for a side plate and share!! Still worth the trip though. :-)

  2. I'd love to go to New England, but I wouldn't love the delayed flight! (Dad lives in Florida, last time we went we were 3.5 hours late leaving London, three problems, and then delayed disembarking at the other end, two separate problems - 12 hours on the plane for a. 7.5 hour flight!!!!) New England looks beautiful

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your pictures are gorgeous. That is a beautiful part of the country.


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