Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This One Took a Little more Staging

This is Fenella in her cottage.  Not the best picture I know, I can never seem to manage the perspective of their big noses or the whiteness of the faces.

As well as her favourite crystal ball, cauldron and candle holder she has a few trinkets hanging around including gold blackthorn wands.

And all sorts on her shelves.  (This is why we spend months collecting 'stuff'!)

Lotions and potions and mysterious additives.

And even her own little Fae familiar.  If he looks a little red in the face it's because he's been tucking into that bottle of single malt whiskey that Elsa and Mike brought him back from Wales and he has another hidden behind his shell.  (His face is about the size of a 20 pence piece).
I'm really quite pleased with the whole set up.  

John also drove Elsa and I up to Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching show last week.  It was great to meet up with Dale and Ian again, so looking forward to next year with them!  I thought the whole show seemed a little more crammed in than previous years and didn't enjoy it as much.  In fact we totally gave up about half way around the main trading hall, we had done the first hall by then but we didn't do too much of the exhibitions, and the small hall was just too cramped and crowded.  I shot in to see Margaret Beal and shot out again. From reading other comments on line I'm not the only one who was a little uncomfortable.  

This Sunday we flew over to Dublin for a couple of days.  We are so fortunate in having Southampton Airport 45 minutes away with a great domestic airline in FlyBe.  Everything always seems to work well there and the aircraft all have enough room for John's rather long 35 inch legs.  Always a bonus! 

We had a trip up to Newgrange, the 5000 year old passage tomb.  It was bucketing down so I didn't risk the camera but you can see more about it HERE. I hope the weather is better for the solstice in December!  We also saw an exhibition by Leonora Carrington, a 1930's surrealist, at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.  We didn't think a lot of the rest of the exhibitions, a hung up piece of blue polyester fabric or a block of wood leaves me cold when it's classed as art, but each to their own. 

We also went to see the fantastic gates at Harlech House

Aren't they fantastic??? What an entrance.  Our guys work in metal at the factories so I'm just wondering if there's any way I can wangle something similar for our drive.... lol.

Thank you for the comments on the blog it's great reading them.  I do try to reply to you all direct but I have been a little busy lately.  I also see Diana LaFaro you are set to no reply so I can't answer you.  Thank you for your company over here though!!



  1. I love Fenella and her cottage! The gate is fantastic. We don't have a fence but my husband would love to have this. I think I changed my settings correctly so you can reply now.

    1. The dragon would certainly make a great stand alone piece where ever it stood. I have emailed to you, not sure if you received it though :-)

  2. The cottage photo is amazing, you have collected perfect stuff!!

    1. I know you love trolls, you will have to come over to see them when they're in the show next year!!

  3. Lovely post, those gates are amazing!

    1. I'd love to see what they're like at night too as there are some well positioned lights and the eyes are glass. Don't know if they light up as well but it would be great!

  4. Lovely attention to detail and those gates are to die for.

    Glad I gave the trip to Ally Pally a miss this year as you are not the first person to have negative feelings about it.

  5. The witch and little face in the shell are amazing Amanda. I felt the same about Ally Pally this year.


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