Monday, 4 November 2013

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Abundant baby type creating has been going on, usual fair of cardies and blankets so I haven't been idle.  also loving Autumn as always especially now it's finally becoming colder. Some super soups and pumpkin cooking and fires every night.  

You may remember the layered pieces at the bottom of this post HERE.  Well I've travelled with them and stitched and layered and came home and put it through the embellisher and stitched a little more.

Finally it was stretched and mounted on an A4 panel and backed and these are the stones I wanted to display on it. All granite with a quartz vein running through that I levelled up.  Chris found most of them on beaches so I wanted the colours to be beachy and tidal.  I hope it comes across that way. 

Next pick up project has all these waiting for attention.  Silk sari fibres all smooched together with CMC paste.

Whilst clearing my desk a little I found these boots I made as samples for Cedric.  I was rather pleased with them so I thought I would show you!  (The squares are centimetres).

And why does this always happen?  Just another 3cm and a whole morning sewing would have been completed!

I have been playing a little with some dissolvable paper so we will see where that ends up next.  Also starting to have an itch to make something properly quilty again soon......

Have a great week!


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  1. Oh haven't youbeen having a overly time!!!! The stones mat is perfect!!!!


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