Saturday, 23 November 2013

Another Week, Another Book

I've made another little book, this one should be called Arsenic and Old Lace!  It's not quite 3 inches square with similar pages to the other one and leather spine. 

They would make cute mini albums or records of event books, if you're brave enough to write in them.  I'm hoping to make a few for next year and the Art Weeks and they may even make some money for charity!  Just have to pull my finger out and make them now though I have tea stained a few sheets of paper ready for when the mood hits.  

Elsa moaned that you don't see how small they are from the photos.  Here's one of them both together next to a reel of thread.  

I've also completed two of the marotte or jester's scepters. I do love the rummaging through all the bit's I've collected and putting some of it to use! 

This one has the feel of Janice from the Muppets about her.  A cousin perhaps.

Today I will try and finish the other three and then clear the mess from all that rummaging!

I have a bit of a horrid week coming up which I am not looking forward to and then John is taking me Christmas shopping which I am looking forward to!  I hope you have a great week ahead!



  1. Hope your week isn't as bad as you expect. Good call Elsa, much easier for us to see size now xxxx

  2. What lovely characterful faces. And those eyes! Have you painted those?

  3. Great projects and I appreciate the work gone into the making. Hope your week does not live up to expecttions..x

  4. Another lovely little book. Hope tho week is not as bad as anticipated. Don't envy you for the Christmas shopping though!


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