Friday, 6 December 2013

The Final Three and Home Again

I had great fun finishing of the last three of the Marotte sceptres. 

This one had a bit of a problem with wild hair until I severely combed it through and thinned it.  Now it's only moderately out of control, but that's good!  The top hat sort of helps to control it. 

 I think years of peering through too much hair has made him a little short sighted so he needed glasses too.

Of course one of them had to actually be a jester so this one volunteered.  I think she does it rather well. 

And of course the tricorn hat helps too. 

 And finally I found a flapper lurking around at the end of the queue waiting for some adornment.

Feathered headband, bob haircut and bead rope necklace.

I was glad to end last week.  There was enough going on for me and all sorts of other things kept crawling out of the woodwork but it did keep us occupied.  I will find out the results of all the tests and procedures I had done tomorrow but the main thing is I don't have stomach cancer so that was a relief.

Our trip to Gothenburg was wonderful.  You will have to forgive me but the only photos I took was of a herd reindeer who happened to be running past us at the time and it was rather blurry as I hadn't had my camera out until that point!  I told you I don't do photos.  Anyway it was bitterly cold outside, ferociously hot anywhere inside and absolutely 100% all Christmas.  We've come home and are relishing in the peace of no Christmas earworms blasting out at us from every speaker available!!!  Totally loved the place though and the people were great, every single one of them spoke perfect english and were so helpful.  The food was on a par price wise with here but the alcohol was astronomical, £7.50 for a small glass of house wine.

Other than the appointment with the consultant tomorrow morning we have a blank weekend planned and I'm looking forward to going into the studio for a play.  I won the new book Approaches to Stitch from Maggie Grey and it's absolutely fantastic and very inspiring.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.



  1. Hello - I love these little characters. Must show Daughter No 1 as she is very into puppets etc. sorry to hear you're a bit crook as well. There seems to be a lot of that around just now. Fingers crossed for you. Xx

  2. Love your Marotte sceptres, lots of attitude there. I hope tomorrow goes well and congratualtions on winning the book. I've just invested in it and I agree, it's very inspiring. Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. So glad to hear that "c" isn't involved - it's an evil sly bugger of a disease! The heads look amazing, you put such personality into them!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that cancer has been ruled out and hope that they get to the bottom of things soon. Lovely Marottes although the first one looks like a 'she' to me! Congratulations on winning the book


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