Saturday, 21 December 2013


Yes that thing that keeps slipping away!  Where does it go when we're not looking?  You know the expression that someone has too much time on their hands?  Could they not buddy up with someone who doesn't and share?   
Part of my collection of defunct fob watches.
Anyway, I found one of the only photos I took whilst we were in Sweden the other week and it's of the herd of reindeer wandering around the Liseberg.  I know it's an aftershot but aren't they lovely? 

I bought a Sizzix yonks ago and haven't really done much in the way of fabric with it but then there were some offers on for the dies and I bought an apple core one.  I didn't really see the point in spending money on dies for squares, rectangles and triangles when they can be cut easily and far more economically with a ruler.  This is a shape that's not easily cut at all so I went for it and with a pack of Hancock's fabric made this little flimsie. 

It's funny I happened to mention on Facebook that Hancock's used to be so wonderful in having free international postage offers now and then, providing you spent a lot but who doesn't.  As their name had been linked on the post they must have seen it as a couple of days later, miracle of miracles, they had an international postage offer of half price postage!  Nice of them to remember us, I hope it was profitable for them.  

I have been taking part in Dawn Schiller's PocketFae class and yesterday I finally managed to sit upright and make this little guy, hence all my watches out.  This one was in a Tim Holtz fob as I wanted to practise first.  I'm 50/50 on liking him or not.  I can make quite a few adjustments when I make the next one but it's very, very difficult when the depth is so shallow.  

I've had a very bad week with the tummy unfortunately including a point where John found me collapsed on the hall floor unconscious.  He and Elsa have had me wrapped in cotton wool all week and I have to see my consultant again today.  I am taking it easy but we have sort of cancelled Christmas this year and, as I said at the beginning, time has just disappeared. What we have will have to do as I don't have the breath or energy to go out at all.  

It has been a strange year for us but, as always this time of year, we will put it to bed with the great excitement of the clean page of a new one in just over a week.  If I don't 'see' you on Facebook or have the time to do another post on here have a fantastic, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year.  XXX


  1. Loving the apple cores. Baby quilt by any chance? Sorry to hear that you are not well. The important thing is to rest and get well and let someone else do the running around. Take it easy. Xx

  2. What a shock for your hubby to find you like that, I hope to goodness its nothing too serious and that you will be on the mend soon. Hoping 2014 is a wonderful year for you, and that your Christmas is a safe and peaceful one. Thank you for our blog chats through the year, looking forward to more of them next year. Best wishes

  3. Goodness you will have given them a fright! No wonder you're being wrapped in cotton-wool - just you be sensible and listen to what the consultant says!! (My conscience is saying "Ha! That's rich, coming from you!") Get well, and enjoy your quiet Christmas. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I think your 'little guy' is lovely - I'm amazed you say it's a first effort! Wonderful!

  4. Sorry to hear about your latest escapade, no wonder they're taking good care of you. Have a lovely quiet and peaceful Christmas and rest well.

    Time sharing is a great idea.

  5. I hope you got on all right with the consultant and that you have a restful Christmas. Look after yourself and enjoy some pampering xx

  6. Thank you all. Each day is a little more positive! xx

  7. The apple core flimsey is fab, but the pocket fae is a bit disturbing!!! Not half as disturbing as your health though, hope the consultant waves his magic want pretty darn soon! Xxx


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