Wednesday, 13 November 2013


John and I are both pulling our hair out with the internet.  Since the storm and the cables coming down we have really, really struggled to have any.  On a good day we're lucky to have a quarter of a meg but even that's gone most of the time now.  We had an engineer out who did all he could but nothing seems to have changed. He was just off to a job after us where someone has been complaining that they only have 10 meg and not the 20 supposedly offered.  I just want our quarter back, selfish people!!!!! To do this post I cajoled and pleaded with the router to just have a little patience.  Thank goodness the iPhone's give us a little bit of info but even the phone signal is rather iffy flitting between O nly if you're lucky and E very now and then.

Did I mention dissolvable paper in the last post??  I forget, it's such a long time ago and if I go and look for it I may not manage to come back!!  Well these are some the results.

I'm quite pleased and they are very fixable and stitch worthy too.  They started out, or became after dissolving and squishing, these and then I faffed about with paints and metallics.

I've made these two ladies as a gift for a very good friend.  Her DiL often comments that we're like a couple of hens nattering away so I thought they would be a bit of fun.

I've also been taking part in a class by Judy Skeel on Doll Street Dreamers and so far I've made this dodgy bunch.  I know a couple are a little strange but that's the nature of the beasts and practice will make then better if not perfect.  Costuming next, the best part!!!!

Today I staved off internet frustration with this little book.  Sorry the glare is a little horrid but there's part of an old map and some stamped text under the filigree piece. It's only 2 inches square.
 That's a little better.

And inside some tea stained paper with hand deckled edges.

And I had to show you a super cute photo of how Tully tends to lie down.  

I'm off the the Desire Fair at Winchester Guild Hall on Sunday so will probably come back buzzing with ideas. Have a great rest of the week, I will try and keep up with the flow with the phone at the very least! 



  1. Two inches square? Gorgeous, but insane!!!

  2. Lots of lovely things here, particularly that tiny book.

    Bummer about your internet but at least you're finding time to be creative.

  3. I seem to love a challenge!


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