Saturday, 26 July 2014

Far Too Hot

Hasn't the weather been glorious?  But now a little too hot for me.  The thermometer we rely on for a consistant reading is in the north facing back porch in an airy out of the sun position.  When that reads 33C you know it's hot! Even the early morning dog walks have been at 22C, not good for them or me.  Lots of lazing around. I do keep trying to do bits but they soon get put aside.  I'm sure some of you are enjoying it but the House household is struggling a little!

We did have the village fete a couple of weekends ago and I picked up these three.

They are huge and rather heavy, especially the green one, to carry around for too long so that was my limit of purchases.  1963, '65 and '68 editions so quite interesting to flick through the demographics.  John can remember the Oxford one from school, I wasn't even born then. Some nice papers to add to something someday though.

I also have had another play at making some of the little books. Not quite as 'fluffy' this time, I wasn't sure about all the fabric in the last one.

Raw, as it were.

The small weights being very useful!

Left, Fairy Tales, is 2.5 x 3 inches and right, Wishes, is 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

 1.5 inches thick.

This has snippets of fairy tales in it...
 ...but also lost of blank pages to add drawings or stories.

 A slightly different spine treatment.
 And this time mostly filled with captured wishes instead.

Quite simple in the clasp and 2.25 inches thick. 

I hope you're coping with or enjoying the weather where you are! Have a great weekend.