Friday, 12 September 2014

So, The List.

Well when not galavanting along deserted beaches with a pack of dogs or watching offspring do strange things like run up mountains I have made minute headway into The List.

I did first of all actually have a go at some needlefelting!  I've never done this type before and I now know what it's all about.  I can't say it bit me after all how exciting is continually stabbing something.  Not too unhappy with my little effort. Yes it's supposed to be a reindeer.

1) Olivia's cardie was found buttons and has been given to her for her ever growing wardrobe.  A new cardie has now taken this slot! 

2) The Happy Hauntings panel made it to Ireland, saw the light of day once and is now top of the list as it has a time frame. 

3) Mystery Item No 1.  No headway on this one

4) Mystery No 2. Nor this one.

5) Mystery No 3. I did have a look at this one and added some bits so at least it moved a little. 

6) Mystery No 4. Not looked at at all and this one needs to be kept in the forefront.

7) The Travellers Blanket no movement either.

8) Another cardie for Olivia.  This was finished and blocked and is now also in the expanding wardrobe. 

9) The hand pieced Hexi is still also just still in it's pouch glaring at me. 

10) My Tweets.  Yes it's still lurking too.


11) A Ricky Tims quilt has been added to the to do list

12) As well as an Aunt Sukey.  

Monday I fly to Paris for a few days and then down to Toulouse to play with 'stuff' and Keith Lo Bue.  Should be fun.  This is 4kgs of my baggage allowance taken already. 

I have also finished another module of the EG course so that is quite a big tick in the box. 

It's alright for some lazing around in the Autumn sunshine.  

I'm heading off to crack on with the halloween quilt as time is moving on! 


  1. Don't put yourself under pressure with all he deadlines, it's supposed to be fun! Havevthe builders started yet?

    1. It's nice to see it in some sort of order. It will be nicer still to see some crossed off the list though!


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