Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Dogliday to Ireland (photo heavy)

We went over to Ireland last week to stay in Connemara with Elsa, Mike, Olivia, Owen, Lizzy and of course the dogs!

We had a wonderful house a long way from the road with a superb secure garden and it's own beach.

Which meant lots of this...

Usually followed by this...

Owen had to do his Ice Bucket Challenge but with lack of ice he did a North Atlantic with Seaweed one instead.

Trying to get anywhere near the fire in the evenings was a bit of a challenge.

John took the beachcasters and a lot of wishful thinking.

So everyone wanted to join in (Mike is in the background on the rocks).

One of the many local residents.

A nine month old pup being shown how to survey one's patch by a nine year old boy.

Wonderful sunsets.

A misty Croagh Patrick on the day Elsa and Mike chose to run up it.  Which they did in superb time too!

Kylemore Abbey.

A view from the Sky Road.  I just love the way that island tilts out of the sea!

The Twelve Bens or Pins seen from one of Ireland's fabulous roads.

A family group shot.  But we're missing one!

Oh no, there she is.

Olivia's first beach.

Four stages of swimming.  Kofi not too sure, Ellie the paddle steamer, Remi not wanting to go too far and Ruger in the background practising for the next Olympics.

Tully has this real thing about cleaning up the sea.  She has to bring anything she can ashore including seaweed. This was a huge clump still attached to rocks and she spent ages trying to drag it in.

Some more of the locals.

Up in the Twelve Bens.

And home again dreaming of still swimming and running and playing ball and warm fires and long views.....


  1. It was a wonderful holiday and although the pics are amazing, they really don't do the place or the lovely company justice. From Elsa, Olivia, Remi and myself, thank you once more for a fantastic time away xxxx

    1. It was great fun and nice to have such good company. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. It was my favorite part, seeing them all so happy. Remi and Kofi the Ridgeback puppy have never had a dogliday before and they thought their christmas’ had all come at once!

  3. I recognise some of the places you visited, it's a beautiful part of the world. That little road looks like one on Inishnee where we rented a cottage many years ago. Wonderful memories and it looks like the dogs had a ball!

    1. The dogs always love it over there and this place we found was an absolute diamond as far as they’re concerned. Lots of space and safe and as for the beach!!!

  4. That looks amazing! Love the beach abd the sunset, did the two-legs enjoy it as much as the four- legs clearly did ?

    1. Oh yes! All Guinnessed and potatoed out now. Always love Ireland.

  5. What a lovely place and obviously much enjoyed by the dogs.


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