Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A List

Yes, one of those dread lists.  I've pulled out things that I really should make an effort to finish.  Some are quite recent and some are a few years old now and need to be moved on.

In no particular order: -

1) I've just finished this cardie for Olivia and it needs buttons.  It's a little bit on the large size for her at the moment but it's nice that she will grow into it some day!

2) A cute little panel I picked up from America and I've layered it up and just started hand quilting as it's small and portable. Great for travelling.

3) Mystery Item No 1.  There are one or two things I'm working on that need doing but I can't show you yet!

4) Mystery No 2. Yes another one.

5) Mystery No 3. I do have these ones listed so I know what I'm on about!

6) Mystery No 4. Not so secret but I'm not showing this one either!

7) The Travellers Blanket I started with a group with Dijanne Cevaal quite some time ago.

8) Another cardie for Olivia. They knit up quick and I don't become bored with them!!  She is never likely to be cold anyway.

9) The hand pieced Hexi which is dragged out every now and then.  It doesn't help that I don't like the fabrics! I am quite near the finish of this one and it's daft not to just plod on.

10) My Tweets.  Yes it's still lurking. Sashing done but I have to figure out what i want to do with the borders.

And these are without all the usual things that cram my head that want to be made.  Mind you they are all on holiday at the moment after the Art Weeks still but I know they will surface gradually.  I don't want to neglect the beading, the books or the dolls.

I am also trying to do a little drawing each day.  Nothing spectacular, just enough to keep the pencils moving. At the same time I have a felting course starting very soon, an arty couple of weeks in France and I'm doing another course with the Embroiderers Guild.  Good job my energy levels are almost back to normal!! 

Have a great week.


  1. You certainly have plenty there to keep you busy. Love your baby knits.

  2. Love the cardies, not sure I'm brave enough to makes list at the moment!

  3. I like your visual list. Maybe I need to try that idea. I am a hopeless cause though and my mind wanders way too quickly. Plenty to keep you busy there. Good luck with the new ventures.


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