Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I know one day I am going to do some of this with fabric in mind.  I did this once before with Sarah Ross-Thompson but she has now moved up to Scotland, a glorious location on Lochgoilhead but terribly impractical to just pop up to for the odd class.  We are lucky in Dorset to have some wonderful collagraphists in the area though and one, Genevieve Lavers, is just spreading her wings in wanting to give classes and Jan and I were lucky enough to be her guinea pigs.    

Last week we spent the morning making the plates. The first using all sorts of items to see which of the textures would do what with the inks and the other two trying to come up with a coherent picture in mind.

Today we went back as they had now dried and been varnished.

First to be inked was the experimental plate.

I printed the one on the right first and the one on the left was the ghost print with a roll over of a contrast colour.  Quite pleased.  It is a good record of which materials do what.

I then did the tree root which I was over the moon with.

And then the cactus still life.

there was time to do acouple more of each but the first tree root is still my favorite.

It was an enjoyable couple of days.  I think Genevieve has some fun times ahead teaching this class.  I hope Jan and I were good, and useful, guinea pigs too.

On the home front Olivia was 6 months on Sunday and John was a few years more than 6 months old on Monday.  I think they enjoyed sharing their day.



  1. Well done, they look great xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to two special people. Excellent work on the collagraphs. The tree is exceptional.

  3. What fabulous collagraphs!

  4. These look great, but I can't get my head round how you did them - can you share?


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