Wednesday, 22 April 2015

In All the Chaos

I've only been absent as things don't seem to be getting done.  I'm having one of those times where I am actually creating but not many end results are appearing.  I did do a whole week after Easter of just coursework so that's nothing to show really.  

Another bag finished.

This started out as a sample piece of beaded on quilting I made in a Lisa Walton class a few years ago.  Why let it go to waste?

I drew out and constructed another house, partially stitched and ready for attaching below.

 And a base for the house to sit with.  All will be revealed sometime soon I hope.  It's with the Dorset Art Weeks in mind, one of the larger pieces I want to show.

Another bag has been started this time trying out the Michele Carragher dragonscale technique.  I'm quite enjoying this mostly because the house is freezing cold and I can take this outside into the sunshine to warm up! 

Evening stitching has been a waistcoat for me, sorry no photo, and this little cardie with hearts for Olivia.  The felt it's sitting on is light grey so I will let you try and adjust the colour balance in your imagination!

Finally the partial rebuild has actually started on the rebuild part!! We have the fireplace again, which will come through the floor-to-be on the very right of the photo out of shot, and all the new floor joists are now being bolted in to replace the what were ceiling joists.

On the delivery we were one length of wood short which arrived a few days later with John's name on it.  You can see it in the photo above resting in the middle of the picture.  It is now in the fabric of the building and John has been immortalised with it!

This week has both the Shepton Mallet Creative Craft Show and the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta.  I think I will maybe skip the Shepton Mallet as I'm not really after anything in particular but will enjoy the Fiesta one instead as I've picked up some nice bits I didn't know I needed there before.  It's also a nice excuse to say hello to Myfanwy Hart and Maggie Grey too.


  1. Very creative! The (fabric) house looks amazing, you say "another" - I must have missed the last one, I'm sure I would have remembered!

  2. Such pretty bags. Glad that the building work is going well. Lovely touch having John embedded in the fabric of there house.

  3. Maybe not much finished but lots of interesting bits in progress. Great idea to turn that one into a purse.

  4. Goodness....the things you create never fail to amaze me Amanda. And you can knit too!

  5. Good luck with all the building work, don't care how many times 'Grand Designs' makes out that it's all worth it, actually living through renovations is horrible.

    Blast from the past reading Myfanwy and Maggie's names on your blog - gosh, I used to buy supplies from Myfanwy nearly 20 years ago when we lived in Hampshire.


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