Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter Hols!

I undid the erosion bundles yesterday.  I thought two months was long enough.  I did use damp fabric when I rolled them but it has been so dry I don't think any colour travelled as far as it could have had there been more rain. I only found one solitary spider so good on the creepy crawly front.

Anyway, here are the results.  The red is from the madder root chips and the blue from some random squirts I did with a little dye I had in a spray bottle.  There are some great browns from bracken, teabags, rust and walnut and I'm not sure where the greens came from, or the black but I like them. 

They are now all ironed and in the 'I don't know what to do with them yet' pile.

John and I are reveling in having the house to ourselves and quiet for a few days.  It's been quite an upheaval so far. There is now no upstairs bathroom so that means staggering downstairs a couple of times a night.  We leave a light on down in the big hall so we can see but the dogs have been moved into there too as their hall is out of action so they are disturbed as well.  All the furniture has had to come out of the main sitting room and shoved any which way into a spare room and we are living in the family room part.  All a bit upside down but my studio is untouched so I have peace in there!!!

The night of the high winds last week was very hairy.  The whole house shuddered as the cover over the scaffolding expanded and then deflated with a huge snaps and bangs.  The noise was phenomenal, I'm sure the neighbours love us. The sheet men have been around since and strapped it down tighter and, thankfully, the weather seems a little calmer.  At least it's dry up there as we have no roof but the security lights coming on at night make us stand out like a giant lightbulb!  They can probably see us from space.

I am going to an exhibition opening this afternoon of some of our Dorset Artist's Printmakers and Art Books at L'Artishe Gallery Swanage, which I am looking forward too.  Also last week saw the first in an online magazine featuring some of or Dorset Artists and that can be found HERE if you would like a look.  It was all compiled by a Weymouth photographer Sarah Broome who has never done anything like this before and has truly found a hidden talent!

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend doing whatever it is you do at this time of year.


  1. Some lovely marks on the fabrics, particularly the 'pleated' one.

    Glad you didn't have any real problem with the winds - it looks like you are having an aircraft hangar built!

    An interesting magazine and you should make sure that you are included in the next one to rectify the lack of textile artists.

  2. The fabrics look amazing! And the house condom is pretty impressive!!!

  3. You've got some great marks in your fabrics. I opened my erosion bundles a couple of days ago and didn't get such good results. I may well re-wrap them and put them out again for a while.


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