Thursday, 26 March 2015


On Sunday we dropped the pups off with Elsa and Mike and headed off to London City Airport, not somewhere we've flown from before. John had arranged a few days away for us in the mountains of Mallorca before the build really begins, the builder is happily staying there making a start.

Monday late morning we took off.  We had a wonderful flight with a fairly excited group of young teanagers babbling away towards the back and sitting across from Colm Meaney who lives on the Island (John is a bit of a closet Trekkie). The BA inflight lunch was fairly good and the sky was fabulously clear. I pointed out to John the snow on the Alps as we flew directly over them and how beautiful they looked, it's not very often it's clear enough to see so far down.

We landed safely and drove to a wonderful hotel in Puigpunyent, had a wander, ate dinner and planned a little for the next day.

Tuesday we woke and went exploring and then heard the horrid news of the aeroplane crash in the Alps, the same mountains we had been admiring only a few hours before.

Today's news is even more horrific as it has come to light it was a deliberate act by the pilot in charge of the aircraft at the time. What goes though the mind of someone like that? What drives them to do such an act?

May you rest in peace all you who had your life taken away from you, especially the little one who's life had only just started. Wishing strength to all those who now have to deal with this seemingly pointless act.

We fly home in the morning.


  1. Yes, pointless & chilling. I would find it difficult to get on that plane to come home. May you have a safe return.

  2. I'm with Sheila (TIB above) so travel safe.

  3. We're home safe and sound a cuddling the dogs. I only had a minor reservation which I talked myself out of.

  4. I'm so glad you were safe. Such a sad time for all the families xxx


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