Friday, 22 January 2016

A Quick Catch Up

I've actually been busy!  I have so many new projects under way I don't think I've stopped much lately! It's been bliss!! 

First up I will show you what I ended up with on the bottom of strata. 

I made the silk ammonites up separately and Paverpoled them.  Once they were set hard I could cut them out and use them freestanding. Keeping the black gold ones still keeps the visual weight needed but the silk lightens it up a bit.

So at least that's one thing finished for the Open Studios in May. 

I have also just to bind this wall quilt.  I blocked it last night ready for me to trim and find the right colour for the binding. 

You've seen parts of it in the blog as they've come together but this is the whole. No name yet either but it's on the tip of my tongue!

I have been experimenting with a few 3D pieces but they are still experimental and I have dug out some UFO's to try and complete, also for the Open Studios. On the showing front the 100 Cubed exhibition is coming up in 3 weeks and the small ammonite pieces are ready for that and I'm nearly ready with a snowdrop piece for the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival, only a little machine embroidery but it's helping towards the 'focus for a deadline' thing. I've also been asked to demo at the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta in April so I'd like to have something new for that.  

Thank you for all your comments on the last post.  There are still a few of you who are no reply bloggers, easiest way to check if you are is to go and leave a comment on your own blog to see if you have the email with the dread '' email address come in!! (Just click to reply to yourself to see it in the address line.) It's an automatic setting if you are on Blogger so you have to change it. I suggest you do a search and find the method for your particular set up. Or perhaps you want to remain a no reply, that's fine too. 

As for the tracking of time on the Strata piece I know what some of you mean about the not ever getting your money's worth when you have to price these things.  They take far too long to create as a rule and no one ever wants to pay the true value of this. 
However I also think that it is my release, the thing that makes my heart sing and I enjoy doing. Some people spend a fortune playing golf and have nothing to show for it at the end but a score card or go to the cinema regularly and have memories of a film. We as creators have a product we can go on and sell should we wish, which I look at as a bonus, if someone feels they like my work enough to also want to own it, I am honoured.  I am in no way putting down the prices of my work, I charge what I feel they are worth to a fair market value but I do take into consideration that I'm not in it for commercial gain, I do it just to scratch the itch that is creating.  Good job too or we'd starve! 

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend, I have plenty piling up to be getting on with.  I will leave you with a picture of Ellie and Tully enjoying the sun in the window.  


  1. Your work is fantastic and I can only imagine the amount of time they take. Handmade items are always expensive, and should be.

  2. Good argument about selling stuff we've made. Have you read the treehouse, Naomi Wolfe? She discusses with her dad how the world is a much better place if we all are able to create what we are called to create

  3. I like how you've finished strata.

  4. Oh yes! You've figured it out on Strata. It definitely needed some unevenness and the addition of the lighter ammonites gets rid of the heaviness, balances things out nicely.

    I think you have summed up the 'never get your money's worth' issue perfectly. So much of the enjoyment we derive from our art simply cannot have a price put on it, it is its own reward. And funny you should bring up golf. It is the example a friend of mine always uses when non-quilters ask why she spends her time and money on quilting. She retorts, no one asks men why they golf! I do it because I enjoy it!


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