Saturday, 6 February 2016

Quite a Few Finishes

Whilst looking through my dashboard on the blog I realised I had several draft posts sitting there mainly from when we were in Dublin in December and I was beginning the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  One of them was a bit of a rant about the ability of restaurants and the like to give you food on or in anything but something sensible.  It really is one of my 101's having these stupid little pots and baskets taking up space on my plate and often ending up being knocked on the floor or worse, in my lap!! First thing I do is tip the food out onto the plate where it is supposed to be and pointedly put the silly receptacle on the side or, better still, in the hand of the waiter/ress. I had a huge laugh when I heard this. Radio 4's Dear Restaurants. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this truly irritating!!

I completed the Snowdrop piece for the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival next week.

It looks ok framed up in a deep box.

You can't see the 3Dishness of it on a photo though.

I also decided to put in the first one I made and wasn't too sure about.

There will lots and lots of other ways of interpreting a snowdrop so my funny little pieces will be in good company!

I made a mixed media panel up with the latest kit from Workshop on the Web and it's been on display at Westpoint, Exeter at the Craft4Crafters show on Maggie Grey's stand.

I was there on Thursday with Maggie and Fiona and it was lovely to meet quite a few of the WoWies in person.

I actually didn't have time to buy much and there didn't seem to be much new which is probably a good thing!

This week I have been trying to make a few notebook covers and do some experiments with tyvek.  Not sure that's going the way I want it to at the moment but I will keep trying.  I did layer up the two UFO's I found ready for stitching.

I put these together not long after I finished the Stay at Home Robin in 2011.  My tutor at the time, Laura Kemshall, brought out some of her printed fabrics not long after and so I added a couple of bits of those too.   I liked the mishmash of the SAHR but didn't manage to go much further.  Now could be their chance!

Another cardie for Olivia has been finished.

It's quite a joy having such small things to knit in the evenings! I really should revert to stitch at the moment though at the Art Weeks is not far off and I need more work to show!

Monday I will be off on a jolly with my friend artist Karren Burkett to drop off the snowdrops and then down to Swanage to enter the three Erosion pieces into an exhibition down there.

Off to watch the rugby now, have a great weekend!


  1. You do such beautiful work, love the snowdrops.

  2. I am totally with you on the ridiculous plating up of food when eating out. Why do they do it? They know people don't like it. Rant over. The snowdrops are beautiful so good luck with all your exhibits. The cardi looks lovely too. I have been reduced to knitting a scarf for Maisie's "baby" now she says her other "babies" need a "darf"!!

  3. I love the snowdrops, you have captured how delicate they are perfectly! I agree about the way food is presented why put chips in baskets etc. etc complete waste of time!!

  4. The snowdrops are fab, and O's cardi is really bright and cheerful. Have the builders finally finished?


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