Monday, 25 April 2016

Weekend at Brockenhurst

Saturday and Sunday was the annual Brockenhust Needlework Fiesta.  I was there with Maggie Grey and Fiona Edwards. 

There was a little bit of silliness and plenty of laughter. 

Quite a few new members signed up to Workshop on the Web and bought the books.

Fiona even managed a couple of photos on me on the embellisher. 

Hundreds of visitors over the two days.  I even heard one lady say as she was going down stairs that though she likes going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace this one, small though it is, is so much better!  It really is nice to have such a well attended by traders, local show. 

Well that weekend was one of those markers in the years that, though I totally enjoyed myself, I can now move on to the Art Weeks at the end of May. I may be some time!! 

PS I've also managed to change over my website finally.  I was never, ever happy with the Clikpic site, it was far to professional and it had a set up that was too complicated to just go in and change something.  I could waste so much time trying to perform a simple task so I threw in the towel and moved to Weebly. They may not be UK based but it was seriously easy to use and, if you wait until after 2pm, the live chat it so useful. I've still a few things to add here and there but the new address is link on the sidebar too. 


  1. I just visited your blog and looked at the gallery. I'm absolutely blown away!!! Do you sell the necklaces?

  2. The website looks great and is easy to navigate. I hear a lot about wordpress and its learning curve but people seem to like it for its flexibility, I.e. total control over setting up every aspect - no having to choose from a limited number of templates. But I also know those people spend endless hours getting things set up and troubleshooting problems. Your solution to move to a simpler platform makes sense to me.

    Lovely to see you & your friends laughing and having a good time!

  3. So glad your show went well - one year I'll get there!!!! Off to stalk you at your new home!!!

  4. Great to see you having a good time - glad everything went well. Looking forward to Art weeks.


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