Monday, 16 May 2016

I Think My Feet are Touching the Ground!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up these three after they had come back from being shown in the L'Artishe Gallery, Swanage.  The other two were nicely replaced with a cheque.  

We also had coffee with a few others who are taking part in this years Dorset Art Weeks (DAW). This meant swapping some brochures and flyers so we can point visitors in the direction of other artists in the area.  Of course this also means we have to have the brochures and flyers all ready and printed! These are the things that have taken up a lot of time, along with a few other meetings and swaps, the website, cards etc, but if they're not done no one will know about you and won't visit!  

I did manage to make a couple of these in the same proportions as the Erosion pieces above.  

I liked them so much I made a few more in a larger size too. 

Sort of a cross between the Erosion pieces and the hangings Frosty Morning and From the Gate the Furrows Run.  All the same technique with a few tweaks.  Nice to sit and add the hand stitching and beads.  

I have also made 50 metres of bunting!  The very bottom of our drive is shared and I wanted to be clear on which side we were as it's quite a long one and you can't see the house.  All made so much easier with a pinking blade in the rotary cutter.  I became rather carried away though and now have a large pile of precut, pinked, 8 inch triangles leftover! 

Never mind. 

I have also just completed a two week course with Dionne Swift on using sketchbooks.  You know how much I don't use them.  Well I thought I'd have a look at this course, like I had time, and see where it took me.  

Some beginning to bulge sketchbooks!  

I think I can use some of her ideas and take it further. That should be useful as I am adding to my notebook all the time and I'm already looking to beyond the Art Weeks quite eagerly with so far two exhibitions and a couple of regular shows in the pipeline!

Along with new Gelli plates and Thermofax screens on my desk glaring at me wondering where their chance will come I have had to learn a whole new finance program as the last one really didn't like Mac and was constantly bucking the trend oh and live life in general!  

I have been having quite a cathartic time on the computer as a whole.  I have cleared out well over 100 people on my Facebook page whom I really don't have anything to do with or anything in common. Not just hide them but totally unfriend them.  I was pleased to look through my list afterwards and realise I was left with those I actually do meet or interact with or have an interest in and can automatically recognise their names in a context rather than wonder who the hell they are!  I have also spent a few days unsubscribing to dozens of emails I no longer need and that has taken a huge weight off of that chore through the day of just automatically clicking them into the bin not even opening them!  

Now I've finally managed this post, and probably bored you all rigid, I'm off to paint some more signs and then, hopefully, off to the studio to finish some more pieces for DAW.  Less that 2 weeks to go now.  Don't forget, if you're in Dorset for the first weeks of June pick up a brochure and come and say hello! 

Have a great week! 


  1. Good luck on the Art Week, I'm sure you'll do well, you do such interesting work.

  2. Managing Facebook and e-mails. You are so right. It sucks up so much of our time and so much of it isn't vital or even interesting. I too have been unsubscribing from e-mail lists and if not unfriending people, at least blocking some of the things getting shared that I realize are subtly irritating me. It sure does help.

    Sketchbooks. I want to use them. I have quite a few of various sizes and kinds of paper designated for various things. I have good intentions. I touch them seldom. Perhaps I should take a class as well. :-)

    1. If only it were as easy to dismiss junk mail too! Dionne's course was on line. It really was a good way of taking a theme and running with it. (still not receiving notification emails from you, weird).

  3. I came to your blog from Benta's to find out who the very generous person was who gave her all those fabric triangles. That was really nice of you.

    Your art is lovely. In the photo of nine artworks, I especially like the bottom, right hand picture of the trees on the hill, against the blue and orange sky.

    I deleted my whole Facebook account. It seemed to me like everyone was talking and noone was listening. I didn't want relative strangers to know about my life, and I wasn't very interested in theirs either, but what I found really odd and difficult was that my close friends would post something on Facebook as a way of communication. In the past, where they may have called people up and spoken one-on-one about what they had been up to, now they posted things on Facebook for all of their friends to see at once, and expected that I would have seen it and know about it (which I often didn't). I much prefer being off of Facebook and talking to my friends one-on-one.

    I also like unsubscribing, every once in a while, to emails that are becoming a hassle. But my most recent big computer purge was with Pinterest. I was getting a bit Pin happy at one point. I spent way too many hours exploring Pinterest and pinning things to my boards. I had thousands of Pins (I think around 8000). It can become overwhelming looking at all those things you would like to do or make and knowing that you will never be able to achieve that much in a life time, so, over time, I have gone through my boards and unpinned things I know I will never do. I now have just under 1000 pins, and feel like it has helped me declutter my mind.

    And now I've bored you with my long reply :)

  4. You've got some really beautiful pieces of work for the art week - I hope it goes really well! The excess bunting is being regularly stroked and loved - I will share, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying flicking through the fabrics!!!! Xxxx


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