Sunday, 29 May 2016

Dorset Art Weeks 2016

We're under way!! 16 days of showing our stuff right across the county.  I've just finished day two and things have been going very well including out of the door to new homes.  All great news as my charities, Combat Stress and GSP Rescue Services, will be very grateful of the money raised.

The samples I made at the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta were converted into notebook covers.

A fair bit of stitch and beading later and they are already going. 

Our dining room converted into a gallery space.  

The displays look good even though we only have a fraction of Jan's jewellery as she is at Highclere (Downton) on the deer stand at the Country Show for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Not as many books this year, which has been commented on! I think I'm seeing areas where I can add to and also, perhaps, expand into some demos too. 

There are a couple of red dots where the new owners have agreed to let me keep the item for the time being.  Frosty Fields I could have sold at least three times today! The cards are going well too and I can see an empty space I will have to go and fill in a minute.

Can you spot the difference in these two pictures?

Yes, Strata has gone to a new home too.  A lovely lady who came for a couple of visits last time and bought several of my Marrotte dolls.  this year she made a beeline here straight away and bought it. 

I've had several return visitors in fact and it's so lovely to see them again.  I know of two who actually follow this blog too, thank you so much for coming along, it really makes my day!! 

I will say that last time, and this so far, there have been a lot of comments from people who specifically look forward to the textiles.  There aren't that many of us out there.  If you do make textile items and you have an Open Studios event, I believe most counties do, it is so worth while and rewarding to do.  Really consider giving it a go especially if you have a friend or two to do it with.  They don't even have to be textiles themselves, a mix of media is a great draw.  

I'm for a glass of something nice and a bit of planning for day 3 tomorrow!! 


  1. Open Studios is fabulous isn't it?

    We've got Bucks coming up soon. A fabulous event and this time I'm in a new gallery with 8 others so it should be really fun. And your right - people love the textiles.

  2. Congratulations, I figured you'd do well, your work is amazing.

  3. So good to hear your work is selling. I'd certainly buy one of those notebook covers. I just love what you do with the felting and embellishing.

    1. Thank you! A lady came yesterday who doesn't like felting but she still bought a piece!! :-)

  4. Congratulations on a great event. Everything looks beautiful and I love the notebooks, they would be a pleasure to own and use. What a lovely room to hold an exhibition in.

  5. So glad I claimed frosty fields first!!!!!

  6. Many congrats!

    This certainly confirms that you already ARE a successful textile artist and don't need to be completing any courses that you don't like/enjoy.


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