Sunday, 5 June 2016

Art Weeks Under Way

We are now halfway through the Art Weeks and it has been really great.  I've met so many people, old and new, and many I 'know' through Facebook.  My comments book is positively bulging and it makes my heart sing reading it at the end of each day. 

Of course the ultimate buzz and compliment is when people like what you do enough to want to take it home with them.  I still find this a bit of a shock to be honest!  I sold out of the books that were for sale and have very few of my show ones left, and I could have sold a couple of those a few times too.  The covered notebooks went so fast I had to make more and, again, they are selling well too as are all the cards.  Strata went on the first day, the Piscine Parade has also gone along with Silver Light and the landscapes are going down too.  All amazing, all great for the charity.  (They are all on my website if you want to see which is which.)

I had some lovely reviews from Maggie Grey yesterday on Facebook too HERE  and HERE.  Honestly, if you've ever thought of doing it, have a go!  


  1. I'm not surprised at all, you do such amazing work.

  2. So sad I am no where near you or I would pop along too.

    But so great that this is a success for you. Fabulous!!!


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