Thursday, 16 March 2017


We are all set up and under way at the Shaftesbury Arts Centre.  

I'm there today so, as yet, have no photos but here is one just about as we finished hanging on Tuesday.  

It looks rather good even in the dark!  Lovely vibrant colours from all three of us. 

I was very honoured for the others to choose to put mine in such a way that you see some of them as a succession as you walk in the door.  

I have been asked several times at the Art Weeks and since if I have any of my landscapes.  Well you can see Strawberry Moon on the back wall above but I decided on Sunday night that I could make some more just not as big as the others.  So Monday I set everything up and got on with four more.

The three above are at the finished machine stitch stage and ready for me to add all the hand stitch and beads.  I have finished the one below, New Moon, so that is going to the Gallery today.  They finish at about A3 size.

I have also managed to put together another dog blanket for a friend too. 

I had a fab day yesterday as a guest at the West Country Embroiderers Dorset Day.  They have persuaded me to join them.  After my rather cliquey experience with the Embroiderers Guild I was happy to meet some really lovely ladies who made me feel welcome and so will be going to the first meeting I can in a couple of months time. 

The toes are healing fine though I did manage to put them in a roomy pair of shoes for yesterday's day out and have been paying for it with throbbing toes ever since.  Seeing as I'm not willing to encourage badly growing nails, been there and it's not nice when they have to be sorted, I am staying in flip flops or the like!  

I'm now off to the gallery! 

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