Monday, 6 March 2017

We Did It!

Yesterday Elsa and I walked 18 miles around the New Forest.
We had every type of weather you can think of from bright sunshine to torrential downpours, hail and gale force winds.  It was changeable enough to make it interesting anyway!  
The worst thing was the endless mud.  Some was just continuous squelch and other parts looked innocent enough and then tried taking your boot off.  Very hard work in some places.  
We saw some lovely parts of the Forest though and often wondered where all the other entrants were once the runners had passed us.  
I'm not the smallest or fittest of people so I am super proud I walked twice as far as I have ever walked before in a good consistent time too.  My feet are a bit of a mess but they will heal! 
I had already given my donation to Macmillan Cancer Care before it was posted on Facebook that I was doing the walk and several people asked where they could donate for me too.  I set up an Just Giving page if anyone is interested HERE I am very grateful to the donations that have come in already.  Thank you.  


  1. When we lived in Germany we Volk Marched a lot, generally around 5 miles, but once I did 15 miles, but that was long ago. Can't imagine doing 18 good for you.

  2. Many congratulations, it is a long, long time since I walked that far in one day, not sure I could now. Make sure you give your body plenty of time to recover :)

  3. Well done, that is quite an achievement in such a range of weather conditions.

  4. A bit of chatting probably helped the miles pass quickly


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