Wednesday, 17 October 2018

More October Quickies

Just an update of the little 15 minute paintings I have be doing for the month of October.  

Some days 15 mins is over in a flash and others I could do with longer but I'm trying to be good.  

Here are the rest of the Honey Boat squash and the gourds I grew along with them.  

I used to always grow gourds when the children were little and now and then we actually found an exciting one!  More often than not they were just the simple ones like these but it's a bit of fun.  Maybe next year!! 

Stitchy wise I put together the pooling cushion.  It's bright and cheerful and the dogs like sleeping on it.  

Last weekend on the Saturday I went up to the Knitting and Stitching Show and didn't buy much at all, which is, I think, good!  I'm still trying to work out if it's because I didn't find anything, I didn't need anything or I just wasn't inspired.  They'd had a change around and there seemed to be a lot less of the galleries. I came away feeling rather flat to be honest.  Usually I have a notebook and camera full let alone the shopping bags.  Not too sure if I'll do next year.  Perhaps I need a break from it.

On the Sunday SiL Mike had a 10k race around Shaftesbury.  It's very hilly and, he said, Gold Hill, (yes the one from the Hovis adverts!) was the least of his worries.  At the same time little Olivia had her very first official run too!  She ran in the children's races around the school field and came first in the Under 5's Girls! So proud of her! 

Every runner had a beautifully made ceramic medal and the winners each received an amazing bowl too.  The bottom part really sparkles like water. 

Well today I had the first part of new crown molar tooth fitting, the drilling out part.  This one particular tooth has an incredibly sensitive and stubborn nerve which refuses to go numb no matter how much anaesthetic he pumps me with.  My wonderful dentist tells me in 35 years he's only had 5 like this and I'm probably number 2! At least each pump of the stuff gave him 30 seconds to work at a time before he could see the gum pinking up again.  I was ok but he was shaking quite a lot at the end and he's a very big man!  It's really lovely to actually have found a conscientious dentist who worries about hurting.  

Big dog walk tomorrow, I hope it stops raining long enough! 


  1. Love your work. My favorite were the slope. Hate it when I'm primed to shop and it all leaves me flat.

  2. Lovely little sketches. Did I mention they remind me of a couple of prints I grew up with? I think these were quite popular in the 40's or 50's and my mom wasn't much for switching things up. They might get moved to different rooms but they were always around. Just simple things, a few leaves with flowers - apple blossoms I think - and a few leaves with fruit - perhaps a peach? I'm sure they went to the charity shop after she was gone and dad moved out of the house, nothing that I wanted for my own home but lately I've wished I'd kept them or at least known where they came from and why.

  3. More lovely paintings! Hugh congratulations to Olivia - what a star!!

  4. Love the little drawings. I felt the same about the K & S this year. To be honest it has felt like that for a few years. I feel I've been going for too many years.

  5. I have enjoyed seeing your sketches on Instagram but they look great seeing them all together. How lovely for Olivia to win her race and receive a special memento. X


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